October Chills!

Hi Everyone!


Well, I just noticed that November’s around the corner, and thought I should update while October is still here! 


Things are good in my life. I love the life that I lead with my kids and my husband J  Logan continues to mature and grow (fast as usual LOL).   He is now 19 months old. Logan is starting to recognize more of who the grandparents are and talking much more. He’s been adding more “two words” to his vocab. The latest one said tonight which is “Thank You”. That’s so awesome.  I’m so proud of him!  Logan still doesn’t have any more new teeth (current is at 8) but he has had teething symptoms on and off lately so maybe they are coming soon. I just don’t see any new spots!  I introduced him to finger/hand painting last week, and we did it again the other day, and he’s starting to be more at ease with it.   I believe the more I do it with him, the more he’ll have more fun and go crazy at it! J  Logan had his 2nd haircut on Sunday. I believe he may have his 3rd either around Christmas time or in January.


Austin is now 7 months old. Still no sign of crawling or any other new milestones. He still sits up unsupported though, and rolling over like a pro.  Austin’s starting to babble more. We’re pretty much now saying that “Dada” is his first word. It’s the only one that he says clearly. All the other stuff is still gibberish which we don’t understand yet LOL.  Austin’s growing really fast. He keeps changing every day.  Austin’s pretty much wearing 12 month clothing and 18 month sleepers now. BIG BOY!  We think that Austin will definitely get his 1st haircut way before he turns 1… Probably around Xmas time.  We say that because Austin had more hair at birth than Logan (which is why we waited like forever for Logan’s 1st cut which was at 15 months LOL). But Austin’s hair is really growing like crazy now!  I think that’s about all that’s new with this Lucky Charm! J


Not a whole lot is new with Isaiah. I am happy to report that he has lost 30lbs since Sept 5! Way to go, sweetie!!!!  Isaiah’s also been with Toyota for 3 years now!!! J  (He started Oct 2007).


We celebrated Thanksgiving earlier this month.  Twice actually! Saturday dinner with Isaiah’s mom and Ian. Sunday dinner with my family (parents and brothers).    Halloween is this weekend, on Sunday actually.   Logan will be a monkey and Austin will be Elmo.  Should be interesting!!!!


There are lots of things going on in November…. Santa Claus Parade, Lights at Victoria Park, Carol’s birthday, and I think we may be starting Xmas shopping soon too.  Xmas is 2 months away.. OMG!  LOL


Anyway, I’ll stop here for now, and will update sometime in November!  Enjoy the rest of October!


Peace & Love,




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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