February sprinkles down lots of LOVE! :)

Hi Everyone! 
Here I pop in late February and ready to update you all on our family life.  Everything is going awesome.  Logan officially became a walker as like walking everywhere in late January and also his 2nd tooth came in then too.  Not too much else is new with him. Although, he’s offically drinking cow’s milk aka homo completely which means NO MORE FORMULA!!!  Still working on weaning him from bottle to sippy though.  We’ll get there!  Logan’s 11 months now and won’t be long now before he turns the big ONE!!!!! I can’t believe the year has gone by so fast and how amazing he has become in that time from being a NB to a toddler!!!!  Logan’s also eating more table food but still is on baby food with more texture and taste though and can feed himself with snacks and etc though. Getting more independant in that area! 🙂
As for an update on my pregnancy with Austin…. we are very CLOSE to meeting Austin. Just about 2 weeks away from his due date!  However,  we both feel like we will meet him before then though!!  I have gained only 21lbs so far in this pregnancy (which in my opinion far better than how I did with Logan which was 48 lbs). So I would think that I won’t go past 25lbs by the time I go into labor/deliver.  So it should be easier for me to lose this weight and beyond as I will be a very busy momma caring for Austin and chasing after Logan (he walks so FAST now!!!)!  We have pretty much completed Austin’s nursery.  Got Logan’s old infant car seat reinstalled in our SUV for Austin and brought out the swing and bassinet for Austin to use.   We are ready for this LC to join our growing family!!!!  I have my prenatal massage booked for this Friday night so i’m hoping it will both give me some relaxation and hopefully get some things going as well!!!!!!!! At my appt on Mon,  i found out that I was not dilated and still closed but still a good chance that could change as the week progresses on.  So i’m hoping for good news at my upcoming appt which is next Tuesday (that is if I’m still pregnant then!!!).
Other than that, not too much else is new.  Isaiah has been working at the Woodstock plant for Toyota since Feb 8 and loves it.  It’s closer for him to commute to work and have more family time for us which is great!!!!!
I did have something fun to do this month and that was my mat photo shoot on Feb 7 (it was my big v-day present from Isaiah and the boys) and it went so well. Both Logan and Isaiah were included too.   I was amazed that even Logan did co-operate so well too!!! The proofs were awesome.  I have ordered the ones that I love and hopefully,  I’ll have them this weekend 🙂
Anyway,  this will probably be the last entry I will do while still pregnant with Austin so the next one should have some news of our new bundle of joy and etc 🙂  Enjoy what’s left of February and be ready for SPRING! (Hating winter so much!!!).
Love ya all,

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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