January is floating around on happiness :)

Hi Everyone!
Here  I am once again.   We are in the first month of 2010, almost entering the 2nd one very soon.  So far, 2010 has been awesome. We had a relaxing and quiet NYE at home.   On New Years Day,  we got to see  Emily & Graham and meet their new mini sweetheart, Kathleen and also got to see  Tessie and Daniel and meet their new future heartbreaker, Maxwell.   On Jan 2nd,  Logan got to go on his first sled ride and he did so well. He also got to wear his first snowsuit then too!  Logan also made his first unsupported walking step on Jan 10!!!! The current count in unsupported walking steps is 8.  Almost "officially" walking. We need him to make 10 straight steps before we can consider him a walker 🙂 That’ll probably happen soon!   Logan’s latest milestone is his first tooth. It finally cut through yesterday (Jan 23rd)!!!!! I was wondering when he would be no longer toothless although he’s very cute that way too.   Isaiah had gotten his at 9 months whereas I was at 11 mos. So  Logan came in the middle, at 10 months 🙂  I wonder when the 2nd and so forth will come through although, it could be soon…. there’s still time before his 1st birthday in March!  We just set up Logan’s new room yesterday. It looks awesome.  He still has the Winnie the Pooh theme but the walls are now red, and there’s more pooh stuff around the room.  He does have a new crib (Austin’s having Logan’s old one).   Logan will eventually graduate to a big boy bed and new theme altogether but that won’t be for a while though.   I think it might be his big xmas present from Santa this year though.  We’ll see.
As for Austin…. this little LC  is doing well baking in me.  I’m currently 33 weeks pregnant with him.  7 weeks or less until we finally get to meet him! We still don’t have his nursery done, but will be very soon.  We need it ready early just in case!!!!  This little boy moves around a lot in my tummy with kicks and etc.  I often feel my tummy move a lot. Active LC!!!  As of last week, he was guessed to be around 4lbs.   I think Austin will be a 7lb baby by the time he’s born though.  He definitely feels bigger and heavier than Logan was in me.
Not too much else is new around here.  Just busy getting ready for Austin and etc. We look forward to his arrival in March and the end of Winter. I can’t wait for Spring to come so I can take the boys out for walks, to the park and etc.
Alright. well enjoy the rest of the month, and I will be back in February to report again of new updates!
Take care and continue to enjoy all of 2010! 😀

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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