A Snowflake in December!

Hi Peeps!
Here I am once again.   This is likely going to be the last entry of 2009.   More will come in 2010 tho!  I can’t believe the year 2009 actually ends on Thursday.  It has been one amazing year!!!!  I spent all of January and February being pregnant with Logan and finishing up with my job at Sutton (last day was on Feb 26).  Logan made his grand entrance on March 16, at 10:34 pm at 5lbs, 13oz.  Such a perfect little boy!!!! It was also a bittersweet day as we were all remembering our amazing tiny angel baby Noah who had became a stillborn the year before (2008) and decided to give us Logan on his one year anniversary.   We were so blessed to have this second chance to become parents and actually go through the experience of parenthood with Logan as the months went by.   On my 27th birthday in June (in the evening), we found out that we became blessed again with another pregnancy in the works. The official word didn’t really get let out until later in August but it was exciting for us, and we did want our kids to be close together.  Logan continued to thrive and his personality was coming out more over the summer and hit a few milestones.   Logan was baptized in August on his 5 month mark.  There was a big family reunion in September for my side of the family.   Logan met his new buddy,  Will in October and has been seeing him every now and then for playdates (mostly at Kidscape although there were a couple other times, the two boys were strolling @ the mall).  Logan got to celebrate his first thanksgiving & halloween in October.  Logan was one cute little tigger!!!  In November, Logan went to his first Santa parade and had his first Santa picture.   This month, Logan has had lots of presents to open and celebrated his first xmas and snow has just arrived after Boxing Day.   Also,  Isaiah got a permanant status on his birthday from Toyota and then on the 23rd, he also found out from Toyota that he’s transferring from his Kitchener plant to Woodstock in February!!!
Logan’s recent milestones from November and on…. are crawling,  pulling himself up/standing up, and crusing along furniture. He has also started to stand "unsupported" for a minute or two lately.    He is still toothless.  We wonder when he will have his first one. I didn’t have mine until 11 months and Isaiah got his around 9 months or so.   I can’t believe  this little happy boy will be 10 months on Jan 16!
I can’t believe I’m reaching 30 weeks in my pregnancy with Austin on Friday aka New Years Day (Jan 1)!!!!  That means I have about 8-10 weeks left to go!!!!! Wow, time is flying!!! Austin continues to grow and move around in my tummy!  I definitely feel bigger with him even though, I’ve gained less weight than I did with his older brother!  It’s likely, that Austin will be a bigger baby.  We shall see.  March isn’t too far away now!  I can’t wait to meet him and love him even more!!!!  I’m looking forward to seeing how Logan will react to his little brother and how they will interact together and all this crazy and fun stuff!!! 🙂
Anyway… I just love my life as a mother, as a wife and as a daughter and as an individual woman!!!! Life continues to thrive more amazing each year and i can’t wait to see how 2010 brings for all of us!!! 🙂
Have a great end to 2009 and celebrate 2010 to the fullest as well!!!!!
Peace & Love,

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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