Autumn Hellos!

Hi Everybody!
I’m back with an update.  The summer has long come and gone!  It’s now fall and just starting the month of October!   Thanksgiving and Halloween are coming up fast and then the next thing we know it, it’ll be winter and Christmas!
Btw,  my family had their annual labor day reunion and it was wonderful.  It was awesome to see the cousins that were able to make it.  The biggest surprise of all was seeing Cousin Jess. She lives way out in BC and we haven’t seen her since Michelle’s wedding back in ’06. So it was awesome!  We missed Kevin and Joey.
Logan is doing very well.  He turned 6 months on September 16. Loves his baby food still, and still is sleeping through the night.   Logan does have more of a regular nap schedule now, one in the morning and one in the afternoon and goes to bed around 8pm.  Sleeps until about 8 am the next day.  Logan is still a generally a very happy and good little boy.   He is much closer to crawling. He can kind of scoot backwards but not foward yet.   Logan is trying; definitely anxious to get moving!  Logan is now at 19lbs and 2 oz and is 26.5 inches tall!  What a little chunker!!! 🙂   We took him to Storybook Gardens  a couple weeks back and enjoyed himself there.  We do plan on returning next year when he’s a bit bigger and more mobile.   We are planning/hoping to take Logan to the Children’s Museum tomorrow. That should be fun!   I wonder what his take on it will be!  Btw, Logan now can sit up on his own and has been since Sept 4.
As for Lucky Charm…. I am now 17 weeks pregnant with it.  We had our recent u/s on Thursday (16w6d) and it is doing well.  It is right where it should be interms of growth and has a steady hb of 136. However, we have to go back in two weeks for the tech to get proper measurements and to find out the gender.   I will be 19 weeks when we know.  (Oct 16).   We are thinking it’s a girl, but who knows right?  We’re happy either way as long it’s a healthy baby just like our thriving Logan 🙂
Nothing too much else is new.  I can’t belive though, there are only like 2 months left of 2009 and then we’ll be in 2010.  Crazy!  Okay, well i’m just going to end it here with some pictures.  Will be back when I have more news to share!

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