August brings excitement :)

Hi Everyone!
It’s late August already, and the last few months since the last blog has flown by so fast.   Isaiah and I are loving being parents to Logan.  Our little man is such a HAPPY baby.   He sleeps through the night (11-12 hrs usually).  Logan’s last weight check was in July at 4 months, and he was at 16 lbs, 3 oz and 25 inches.  His pedi gave the go ahead to start on solids, beginning with cereal and eventually to baby food.  IT’s gone well.   Likes rice cereal, pretty much all veggies with carrots being his favorite, and fruits with bananas being his fave so far.  Logan loves to stand up, is rolling over,  very close to crawling, is teething (nothing yet, but soon!).    Logan has been in the pool a few times already at my parents, and getting used to it and (getting better) every time!  I think he’ll be a great swimmer like Mommy!  Logan had his baptism at St. Peter’s on Aug 16 (at his 5 month mark).  It went well.   We also have some extra news.  We found out on my birthday back in June (June 30) that we are expecting Logan’s little sibling, and it’s another march baby!  EDD right now is March 13, 2010.  We’re calling the bean, "Lucky Charm" for now until we find out the sex.  The  first u/s with LC  is tomorrow afternoon (at 11 weeks and 3 days) and EDD could possibly change as I think I’m a little bit further along than I am, just by a few days. So we’ll see.  I did ovulate early with Logan, so chances are that  it happened again with LC.  We’ll know soon enough.  Not too much else is new.  We’ve just been enjoying the summer as much we can, despite tons of rain in July although August has been better so far.  Oh yeah, we did finally get a family photo done during Isaiah’s shutdown in July too. 🙂
Ok, I will update more as I can.  Enclosing pics with this update 🙂

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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