Logan’s Here!!!!

 Hey! So Logan’s finally here!!!!! I now have time to share his birth story! 🙂


 We got the call from the hospital at 7:19 am Monday March 16 (I was 39w 2days at this point) that they’re ready for us to come in for the induction to have Logan.  I get so excited and nervous all at the same time after the call.  It was definitely HAPPENING!!!!  We get there just before 8 am.  I got checked b4 they broke my water and I was at 3 cm (water was broken at 9).  I walk around and stuff until noon, but no progress. So they started the oxyotin (iv drip) at noon.  I finally get into active labor which is at 4 cm around 3 pm. This is also around the same time I get the epidural because the pains were getting too much for me and I was stressing out (BP shooting up) so the epidural was definitely a BIG help.  From that point on, contractions and everything were getting closer and closer as time went on but I didn’t feel them.  I get to 10 cm at 9:34 pm so I had an hour of pushing (during this time, for the most part I could tell when I was having an contraction because of all the pressure Logan was giving me as he was making his way down. The last push wasn’t even complete as he just came right out (and that I mean ALL of him all in one shot).  So it was pretty FAST! So obviously the time was at 10:34 for the arrival.  Logan had a beautiful cry! DH did not want to cut the cord, but my mom was present for the birth so she was fine with cutting it herself.   I was given Logan right away once he was delivered and I was so HAPPY!  I felt so amazing (and still am this way today!!!).  I get moved to recovery which was a private room about an hour and half after delivery.  Logan of course got into the room with us, but his temp kept going down due to his size and all that jazz. The nurses were giving him more warm blankets and etc and I was told to add formula for Logan after BF.  He ended up being in the incubator Tuesday morning for a few hours to get his temp up.  Since noon Tuesday, his temp has been normal (they continued to check on him throughout the day just 2 be safe).  That was a scary thing for me but apparently it’s common enough to newborns around Logan’s weight/size.  Anyway, BF was hard at the beginning, but since yesterday, Logan has gotten a better grip at my GIANT boobs/better sucking and is still on formula after BF, but I plan to stop that once my milk actually comes in so that it’s all BF 100%.   Tuesday night was different for me.  We got moved to a different room, because we could only afford private for one night. So I went to the ward  for the 2nd night which is free but that meant that DH couldn’t be there overnight (from 11 pm and on) so I wasn’t too happy about that. However I made it through it just fine.  I had some help from the nurses when I felt I needed to with Logan and they were awesome.  Yesterday, Logan had his circumcision in the morning, and after that he got some prof. pictures & footprints done. HUGE day! We were able to get discharged after all of that. Logan did fine with the surgery.  Logan is actually a GREAT baby. He only cries when he needs to be fed and a little bit when we change him but other than that, he’s a quiet one! So I’m amazed with that.  First night home was last night and it went pretty well.  BF is still going well and still doing formula on top of it.  So far, Logan’s doing great.


Logan is such a cute baby.  I think about how the last few months and it is just incredible how we got through it all together as a couple with the pregnancy and additional support from our family and friends.  I feel so blessed.  Noah has given Logan to us as his birthday gift.  His love will continue to go on with Logan.  I love being a mommy!!!! The greatest job in the world!!!!


So that’s that 🙂



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