Sharing Some Love in February!!! :)

Hi Everyone!


Little update here from Jules. So much has happened in the last little while.  I had my 2nd baby shower on the 7th of this month with my side of the family and some close friends of my parents.  It was a big success as I got all of my big items and more of little things. So we are pretty much prepared now for Logan (for what it is needed when he’s here anyway!).  I still have two more showers after Logan’s arrival though (one in April & one in May though).  The pregnancy is still progressing well.  I am currently almost at 36 weeks! My total weight gain so far is now at 42 pounds.  I think Logan has recently dropped because I am looking a little bit lower, can’t see my belly button anymore and have been attending to the bathroom a lot more lately. Exciting stuff!  Induction date has been scheduled for March 16th  which is ironically the same day that our angel, Noah became a stillborn last year but I have a feeling that Logan will come even earlier on his own!  I am now doing weekly appointments with the DR.  I just had my group b strep test done on Tuesday so we’ll know if I am positive or negative.  NST (non-stress tests will begin when I am at 37 weeks).  Isaiah and I see the nurse tomorrow (Friday) for my pre-admit paperwork and I’m guessing they will do pre admit blood work too: P. We shall see!  I have packed my hospital bag so it’s pretty much ready to go whenever it happens! The car seat will be installed in my SUV this weekend. My last day of work is coming up fast.  I finish next Friday (Feb 27th). Whoo hoo! Not too much else is new.  Isaiah and I had our v-day dinner & movie date on the actual v-day itself so that was pretty romantic and it would be literally our last date together before we become officially parents to Logan.


Ok, that’s all for now.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to do one more update before our little prince is here. If not, I’ll do one some time after Logan has made his arrival in March!


Peace & Love,






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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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