Jules’ January Snowflake Hellos :)

Hi Everybody;


Here’s the January blog as promised even though it’s real late in the month: P.   I had my maternity photos at 30 weeks which was on Jan 10th. I had so much fun and the pictures turned out really awesomeJ.  Everything is going well with baby Logan.  He’s already at 4 lbs and head down.  I’ve already had my 1st shower (Jan 25) with my girlfriends. That was really great.  Lots of fun and got a lot of small items for Logan.   I have another shower on Feb 7 with my side of the family. I can’t wait for that!  Showers won’t end there though.  I have two more scheduled for after Logan’s arrival. My 3rde shower is to be scheduled in April with Isaiah’s side of the family and the last shower to be held in May with my work people. I have about a month left of work before I go on maternity leave.  My last day of work will be on Friday February 27th.   I have been told that I will be induced at b/w 38-39 weeks. (March 7-14).   So Logan will come early.  His due date is March 21st.  Logan’s nursery is pretty much completed.  I am still sitting at 29 pounds (my pregnancy weight gain so far).  I wonder if I will gain at least up to 5-10 more up to Logan’s birth.  We shall see!


So that’s about all that’s new right now.   I will try to update again in February before Logan’s arrival.


I will put up pictures of the maternity shoot and Logan’s nursery later.






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