2008 is drawing to a close!

Hi Everybody!
Hope you all had a great Xmas!  I sure did!  Christmas was amazing.  I got spoiled rotten!  Biggest gift was getting a SUV!!!!  The most memorable gift is a sterling silver heart shaped necklace that has our angel baby boy Noah’s footprints on it, and on the back has his name and date engraved.  So beautiful! A great baby-related gift is getting a new glider and ottoman for me to use in the nursery once Baby Logan has arrived in March 🙂
We have surivived the "milestone" week (27 weeks into the pregnancy).  It had its up and downs.  But hey… here we are at 28 weeks (reached that last Sat!!!). I’m very happy to be in the 3rd trimester (for the 1st time ever!!!).  It’s such an amazing feeling!!!! 🙂  I continue to feel Logan move and kick 🙂  So wonderful to be further along with Logan than I did with Noah 🙂
2009 is promising to be incredibly awesome year for me and Isaiah.  I have a few things happening in January, and February and of course March!  Baby showers,  maternity photos, more DR appts, ultrasounds and etc, and going on Mat. Leave (likely end of Feb/Early March).   I think the best day of 2009 will be Logan’s arrival in March 🙂 
Plans for 2009: being a great mommy to Logan, maybe a small get away in the Summer (we shall see!), and to try again for another baby to add to our family (once Logan has arrived). Hopefully, it won’t take us long to get PG again, but let’s see how it goes! Other than that, do more work on the house and what not.  I can’t believe I’ll be 26 in June…….. wow!  We  also celebrate our 3 years of marriage on May 27th (8 years total of being together in love) as well 🙂 Our dog, Sparky will turn 1 year old on July 12th and the cats (Sherlock and Husky) will be 4 on August 2nd.
Anyway, hope everyone had a fantastic 2008 overall and that you all have a super awesome 2009!!!!!  I will update again in the new year.  Celebrate it to the fullest everyday! 🙂

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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