A Snowflake Hello From Jules :)

Hi Everyone!


Wow, look at how time has flown since the last entry which was in October!  Since then, there have been a quite a few things that have gone on!  We found out what we are having which turned out to be another baby boy.  We are naming this little miracle boy, Logan Michael! Isaiah and I are looking forward to meeting him in March!!!! 😀  I’m currently 25 weeks pregnant with him (26 this Saturday).  100 days left to go as of today! Logan is growing and moving around a lot!  He’s currently 1 lb and 13 oz (almost 2 pounds, YAY!!!).  My belly bump is definitely so much bigger this time around being pregnant J


Our dog, Sparky has been doing so well. All potty-trained, vaccinated and fixed!  He’s so adorably cute and getting bigger everyday!  He has his next grooming on Dec 21st so he’ll be much more beautiful for Xmas J


I just realized that it’s been almost 9 months (will be on Dec 16) since our angel baby boy, Noah has grown wings in Heaven! I wish we were spending this year’s Christmas with him, but he will be with God and continue to look after us and baby Logan that’s baking inside me!  We miss him very much! I see Noah through dreams every now and then. Isaiah and I are very excited though to be able to have Christmas with Logan next year though!  Getting through Noah’s milestone of 27 weeks in being pregnant with Logan over Christmas will be very hard but I know we will get through it and Logan will continue to do well. I will be much more at ease and happier once I have hit 28 weeks on Dec 27th and the pregnancy will fly much faster after that as well J


Anyway, that’s about all that’s new really.   I hope to write again before 2008 draws to a close but if not, definitely as soon I get a chance in January!  Hope Everyone has a wonderful holiday season!!!


With Peace & Love,






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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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