Fall 2008 update!

Hi Everyone!!!
It’s been a while since last I made an update…. so here I am here again!
I am STILL pregnant and that is a GOOD sign!!!! :D.   I am currently 17 weeks along (will be 18 this coming Saturday)!  EDD is March 21st, 2009!
Last month, we had an u/s and saw the little bean moving around and saw the HB flicker on the screen… so that was amazing to see. I was almost 13 weeks along at that point.   A few days after the u/s,  we heard the baby’s HB at the DR’s and it’s HR was 138!!! 🙂  
I felt the little bean move last Monday for the first time in this pregnancy, and it’s amazing!!!  Nobody else has been able to feel it yet,but I imagine within a month… i think that’ll change 🙂
I have gained 14.5 pounds so far in the pregnancy…. (gaining is more at ease for this time around… i hardly gained much with our angel baby, Noah).
Today’s HR for the baby is 144 🙂
We have found out that we have our next u/s  on Oct 30 and hope to find out if a girl or a boy then!!! 😀
So that’s about the update so far in the pregnancy…. I am doing great and feeling great!!!!
As for other news….  Hubby and I have already moved into our new house for little over a month now and have purchased a black standard poodle around that time frame as well  as well. He’s now 3 months old, and growing so fast!!! LOL.  We have began the process with the baby’s room, and loving the colour!!!! 😀
So we’re loving our lives and enjoying that our little miracle that is growing inside me!!! 🙂
So that’s all for now… more later!!!

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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