Blessed With Another Miracle!!!!

Hi Everyone!
It’s been a long time since I last wrote here. The last blog was about our loss with Noah back in March.  A lot has happened since then. By the way, we have visited Noah at his grave a few times since his burial in March.  He just finally got his flatstone a few weeks ago.  So it’s gorgeous and heart-breaking at the same time.  His footprints are on it.  Also Isaiah and I had resumed TTC in late April, and we finally got PREGNANT again in late June. 
We are thrilled to be blessed with another miracle that is growing inside me. I am currently almost 7 weeks along (will be on Thursday).  We first found out on July 13, and was confirmed on July 17 with another HPT and with my OB with another urine test and blood test (that checked for HCG levels).  So far, the pregnancy is going well.  I don’t have MS (morning sickness) yet, but I do wish for it.  We’ll see what happens!  Since this is my 2nd time around being PG, I am already showing a little bit.  We have spilled the beans for a while now and I want this because we need lots of support and prayers for us to have a very healthy and successful pregnancy this time around.   We miss Noah all the time, but I know he wanted us to have another child and I know he has been protecting and watching over this little miracle monkey growing nside me from the get-go.  Right now the EDD is March 26, 2009.  There is a possibly it could change, but it would probably be earlier, not later.  My next appt with the OB is August 19.  Keep fingers & toes crossed that this pregnancy continues to go well!!!!
 I wonder if it will be a girl this time (it would such a great dream come true), but we are happy with either gender we get from this new bean. We do plan to find out. I am guessing,  it’ll be known in October/November. We’ll see!  We just need a very healthy and alive baby when March comes around next year!   Reaching 27 weeks this time will be a week before Christmas, so it will be hard to get through, but we need to get past that milestone which was how far along I was with Noah. I want to be PG to full term this time!!!!  Anyway, I am loving being PG again, and glowing about it!!!  So I just wanted to give an update.  

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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