There’s Romance In the Air :D

Hey Peeps!


I’m finally back here, and have a quite bit of an update to share! I now bring you up to speed. So read on to see what’s been happening with me as the pregnant babe, and the fabulous life that I’ve been havin’!


On January 26th—We got Oil changed on both of our cars. We bought some baby clothes for Noah to start with. They are really cute!  Of course, we won’t buy anymore until it’s arrival since we’ll probably get more clothes through my baby showers that I’ll be having in the spring!

Jan 27th–I’m now 20 weeks pregnant (finally halfway through!!!).  Got my hair dyed to more of a blonde again (after almost 5 months!). I am planning to have another dye probably in  late March/EarlyApril or so.  Isaiah gets me a bouquet of blue roses (I haven’t had that color in probably a year or so!). I later watched “Royal Rumble” PPV with Isaiah and the guys in the evening at our place.

Jan 29th—I finally got my haircut at Masonville! It’s a tad bit shorter with more layers. I love it.  I’ll probably get my haircut again sometime in the spring before the baby comes.


Jan 30th— I hung out with Di at her apartment for three hours in the evening. Lots of fun! Watched Sydney White, and a little bit of another movie.  Got to catch up and stuff!

February 3rd—dinner & visit at the Maitland House (my family) was great! Isaiah and I also joined the family in watching this year’s super bowl. It was actually pretty entertaining especially since that Isaiah and I aren’t really into football.  We rooted for the Giants and they turned out to be the winners! Ha-ha! Isaiah has decided to make the Giant’s his favorite NFL team! So cute!

February 6th—Prenatal/Baby fair At the Western Fair Grounds with my mom was very interesting. Lots of information!  Granted, there were stuff I already knew, but there were other stuff I didn’t know about it. So It was  a good thing I went! Wished Isaiah was able to come, but he had to work: P


February 9th–Carol came by for a visit for an hour or so in the evening.  I love seeing my best friend!!! I hope to see her again sometime soon!!!

Febrary 8th—I went to Alex’s hockey game. I saw my ‘rents, my Aunt Diann and Uncle Joe.  Alex’s team lost, but Alex managed to score a goal for the team tonight! So that was a proud moment!


February 1oth—We had dinner with Isaiah’s mom, Violet & sang Karaoke afterwards. Good night! I’m officially 5 ½ months along!!!


February 12th—I had my last pregnancy check up with my family doctor. Things are well with me and the baby so far. Baby’s heartbeat was 172! Baby kicked while listening for the heartbeat too, how cute! No down syndrome with the baby, and all that jazz so I’m happy about that. I’ve gained 3 pounds within the last month. So total gain so far, about 10-12 pounds.  It’s pretty good so far, but sometimes, I still feel small! 😛 I am now seeing the OB from St. Joe’s. I’ll get to meet the new doctor in March.  So it should be interesting! He’ll be the one to deliver our baby in June!


13th—Isaiah gives me a dozen red roses, and a personalized romance novel for Valentine’s Day.  How romantic!  I continue to be in love with my soul mate and husband!!! J It’s amazing that we’ve been together as a couple for almost 7 years as of this May!


14th—Valentine’s Day!  I made dinner reservations for our v-day dinner which will be held on Saturday night at Tru Resturant.  So I’m really looking forward to having a formal dinner with my husband. We haven’t really gone to a fancy restaurant, since August when we were in Niagara Falls! J


I love this pregnancy. Things are going well.  I’ve yet to gain more pounds but I should soon!  I have been learning more things of what I should get for the baby and things like that.  It’s pretty fun!  Of course, we need to spread out our spending on the baby, as just little by little as time goes on and of course we will get a whole bunch of baby stuff at the baby showers that I will have in the spring. I just want us to be prepared and be funky at the same time for our little shining star!  J


Wow, what a long entry.. .Been a while that’s happened!! More to come later this month!!! Have a great weekend!!! Keep on smiling…. Spring to come in March 😀


With Love,





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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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1 Response to There’s Romance In the Air :D

  1. Aimee says:

    so crazy is that i stumble across your blog…i too am prego…and we live practically a 1/2 hour away from each other…
    *~* :o) always remember to be happy… :o) because you never know who is falling in love with your smile… :o) *~*

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