Pregnancy Updates and etc :)

Evening Ladies and Gentlemens!!!!


Jules pops back in here, and gives you an exciting update despite the crazy wintery weather that London is having at the moment!!! Hope this warms you up!!! So keep on reading!!!  What’s been happening since the last update?? Lets go!


Jan 13th—Isaiah and I had an afternoon visit with my ‘rents which went fine.  Mom & Dad & Alex got the chance to hear the baby via the prenatal listening device I have. Mom & Dad also felt the baby move! J So the family was pretty excited about it which made us very thlled as well!!!


Jan 17th—Carol swings by for a brief visit (an hour) and it was great to see her. The last time was just before Christmas so it had been a while!  I hope to see her again before the month is over!!  


Jan 18th—I had my last “regular” ultrasound at 18 weeks so my mom in attendance with me (Isaiah has to work). Didn’t get the gender results but will know from the doctor soon! That night,  Isaiah and I had a hockey date night at the JLC watching the Knights play VS Owen Sound.  Knights won 5-2! At the game, I also saw Lisa (from Lorne Ave crew) and her hubby Steve (they were one row below us) so I got to talk to Lisa a bit J  We hadn’t seen them since Emily’s wedding last July so it’s been a few months!


Jan 20th—19 weeks pregnant!!!  We had a mid-afternoon visit with Violet for late lunch/early dinner.  We also played one round of card game and I was the WINNER. Muah, haha!


Jan 21st–we found out the sex of our baby today!!!! It’s a BOY!!!! So yeah, that’s what we are having. Of course, the 3D/4D ultrasound that we are planning to book for sometime in February will confirm that, but yeah. we’re excited about it. Of course, we wanted the result to be a girl, but don’t forget, we’re going to have another baby after our son is born so maybe that will end up being our daughter as our second baby. We shall see!   But it’s pretty exciting anyway, knowing the sex and now that’ll make the shopping for baby stuff easier. 🙂


So that’s all the fabulous news for now.  There’ll be another entry i’m sure before Janauary’s out so have a good nite and keep reaching for the stars!!!


With Love,






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