January’s Bundles of Happiness :)

Hi Everyone!


Here I am writing the 2nd entry of 2008.  It’s been pretty good so far especially with the pregnancy! So read on to find out what’s been going on!  Let’s start with Dec 30th.   It marked me finally at 4 months pregnant aka 16 weeks!!!! Awesomeness!!!!  The next night was New Years Eve (Dec31st).  Nothing too crazy compared to last year’s event.  Last year, we went to 29 Park with Carol andsome friends.  This year, we just wanted more of a low-key night so we ended up hanging out at Alan’s.  Isaiah and the guys played some Guitar Hero/Rock Band, and WOW board game while I just chilled out on the couch with some tv, and had some computer time too.  So yeah, nothing too exciting, but we did get to be together, so that was all it mattered. 


Jan 2nd: I was back to work. 1st work day of 2008.  I’m glad we got some days off from Christmas Eve to the 27th, and then being off again from the 29th to Jan 2nd.  Isaiah had some decent time off from work too so his first day back was also the 2nd. So we were happy we had some time together too!


Jan 10th dwas my 4th prenatal check up appt with Dr. Tu. Mommy and baby are doing well.  I got to hear the heartbeat again via the doppler and as a bonus, hear the baby move since it was active then.  The doctor has put me in for a referral specialist at St. Joe’s (the hospital where the baby will be born in June) so I should be meeting the new doctor soon. Afterwards, I made a  surprise visit to see Mom & Dad for a bit in the evening so that was nice.  This day also marked Isaiah’s cuz Sharmaine’s new baby boy arrival in the morning in Stratford. Sharm and hubby Matt have named their newborn, Liam. Congrats to you both!


Jan 11th aka last night (Friday). The baby has become active lately in the evening for the past week, but last night, it was super active. It was still strong enough for Isaiah to have his first feel of it moving when he came home from work! So it’s pretty exciting!!!!


We have lots more to look forward to.  I’m at 18 weeks as of tomorrow (Sunday). We have my ultrasound this coming Friday (the 18th) and this opportunity will hopefully allow us to find out the gender of our baby. The baby has to co-operate for the tech and for us to see and know if it’s a boy or a girl. So we’ll keep you all posted about that, and many more pregnancy milestones to come as well… 


Have a great weekend, Everyone!! Keep on smiling, and reachin’ for the stars!!!  xoxo



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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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