Jules’ 2007 taste on her life!

Hi Everyone! Here I am with my "2007" taste on my life! So stroll down to read on about it!


2007 was an exciting year!  I entered the year being a married woman (7 months at that point)! I got a little bit of a raise at work in January which made me very happy! (Hope it’s the same scenario for 2008!)  The year also brought on a special V-day dinner with Isaiah since it was our 1st one being “married”, meeting our new “Sworik” family dog, Joker whom is a goldendoodle (part poodle/part golden retriever) at Easter time,  getting two new (USED) cars for us (Isaiah and mine) in May and June, had several clubbing and parties opportunities with friends throughout the year (alcohol-free since September and on though), meeting more new people (mainly friends), celebrating our one year wedding anniversary in May with dinner at Black Trumpet and having a overnight stay at the Hilton Hotel, moving to the downstairs apt at Stanley in July, attended a couple weddings (Emily’s in July and Mark H’s in October), going on a couple little day trips (Goderich and Niagara Falls) with Isaiah in the summer, having beach time in Grand Bend together and with friends, seeing friends and family throughout the year, having gotten pregnant in September (with June 15th ‘08 arrival), going to a few knights games at the JLC, Isaiah getting into his new job at Toyota in October, and having spent Christmas Eve overnight (after 3 years hiatus) at my ‘rents house along with Isaiah.  New Years Eve with Isaiah was spent at hanging out Alan’s. Basically, I went out of 2007 being 4 months pregnant AKA 16 weeks with our 1st child!


Our outlook on 2008 is going to be even more amazing with many more incredible memories!  There will be definitely a lot more celebrating going on such as baby showers for me,  celebrating our 2 year anniversary being married (7 AMAZING YEARS IN LOVE), our 1ST baby arrival in June,  I turn the BIG 25 (half a century) on June 30th, and many more to come!!!  Our goals include buying/to be living in a new house or a condo as we have no room here at our apartment on Stanley for us, the cats (and the upcoming baby), and being amazing NEW parents to our 1st born, and we plan to be pregnant again with our 2nd by the end of the year as well.  We would love to have newer cars, and to be able to have our long overdue week getaway outside of the country like to LA or somewhere hot and amazing, but these two things will most likely be on the agenda for 2009 unfortunately as our finances can only stretch so much since I will be a stay home mom as of this June (due to starting a new family) and our income will be solely on Isaiah’s until further notice.


Happy New Year, Everyone with love, happiness and success!!!






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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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