2007 Holiday Cheers!

Hi People!


Here I am and this will most likely be the last entry of 2007 but I will plan to do an entry on Jan 1st! For now, I will bring you up to speed for the last couple weeks!  It’s been an interesting month!  So read on and enjoy!


Dec 16th was supposedly to be the Christmas Open House at the Maitland House for my mom’s side of the family! Didn’t go as planned due to horrible snow storm, so the relatives were unable to attend, but we had a nice family visit and dinner with my ‘rents and my brothers so that was nice.


Two days later being Dec 18th  ended up being The annual Wine and Cheese Party @ the office in the evening. It was fun.  News of my pregnancy went down the grapevine more so I got more congrats and more pregnancy conversations and etc.  It was a fun night.  Of course, no wine, but I had cheese and other snack foods so no worries!  


On Friday Dec 21st—Isaiah and I were having dinner in St. Thomas (at Uncle Butch & Aunt Ingrid) and attending Alex’s hockey game was fun!  We got to see Uncle Butch, Aunt Ingrid, Brian and Amy (& their two sons, Brennan and Nolan), Belinda and Jason (& their son, Brady, and expecting #2 in April).  We got two gifts—one for us which was a snowman whiteboard (loves it) and the other gift was for “Baby Bowers” which turned out to be a beautiful knitted blanket!  That will get a lot of use once we have our arrival in June!   I  am off work until Thursday Dec 27th. Nice for having some time off!  


Dec 24th is of course Christmas Eve 2007! We spend time with Isaiah’s mom, Violet for a few hours. Then, Isaiah and I go to the 9:00 Mass at St. Michael’s Church with my family.  Then we spent the night at the Maitland House (first sleepover since I moved out at 21, almost three years ago).  It was interesting.


Dec 25: Christmas Day.  It was Joker (family dog)’s 1st Christmas and he was a good boy for it!  My dad managed to get a funny pic of Isaiah and I with Joker on the living room couch, so I should get that soon.  Isaiah and I brought our own presents that we had for each other, so we opened these before we opened the rest with the family.   We got a lot of presents that morning from each other and from my family.  After brunch, we went over to Violet (MIL) to open more presents and just to have a visit.   Came back to the Maitland house afterwards for dinner and more visiting!  We played the monopoly game after dinner (the new one with Visas).  Oh yeah, I experienced a movement of our baby in my tummy.  I had a special rumble (different from "I am hungry" rumble) and it turned out to be the baby doing a backflip! That was amazing, and it happened shortly after we had dinner. I should be experiencing more baby movements in the next few weeks!  My mom had her 1st kick when she was expecting Dylan at 16 weeks (4 months) and I reach that mark this coming Sunday!  So I am hoping to feel that soon!


Dec 26: Boxing Day.  Isaiah and I go check out the Brick and picked out a new sofa and loveseat. Finally, our actual 1st purchase furniture-wise that we’ve made as a couple (after almost 7 years being together in love!).  It will get delivered on Saturday!  We’re excited about it.  Later, we have another Christmas get together but this time at Lindsay & Chad’s place (Lindsay—Isaiah’s cousin) so we get to see Isaiah’s side of the family.  Conner has grown bigger, and so cute! (He’s almost 1 ½ now).


Dec 29: Our new brown-beige sofa and loveseat which have recliners arrive in the afternoon and it works with our green walls in the living room! So much more comfortable and even our boys, Sherlock and Husky are in love with it too!  We later attend a party held at Jon’s house so I get to see Di, Jon, and Crystal.  Good times!


 So yeah, a lot has happened this month, and there will be more to come for 2008!!!!! The next entry will inclde a final wrap up of the last days of 2007 and best memories of the year and plans for the exciting new year of 2008!  Enjoy going out 2007 in a bang, and welcome 2008 with some cheer!


With Peace, Happiness and Love,






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