A Sharing Of Some Candy Cane Love :)


Hi Peeps!!!


I have returned with more dibs of 2007.   November went out in a bang with LSTAR’s Christmas Gala at the Hilton Hotel.  It was fun.  I was decked out in shiny blue/black halter top with black pants. Yeah, no mood to be in dresses, but hey! We had fun.  Next year, we’ll go to Isaiah’s work XMAS party for a change!  I got some dances in, but we were tired (due to me being pregnant, and Isaiah all worn out from being at work all day) so we left just after 10:30.  It was a good night.


The next day was December 1st —the final month of 2007 begins! In the evening, we wen to Kelsey’s with the guys celebrating my husband’s 25th birthday (imagine, he’s already 25 when the baby’s born in June!) and later went to one of the guys houses to hang out for a few more hours with boardgames and guitar hero.  It was a fun night.   Saw some of the Lucas gang.


Dec 2—Dinner at Violet’s (another birthday celebration for Isaiah).  Finally, we are also at the official 12 week mark of our 1st pregnancy!!! Yippee – 3 months!!!! J  It’ll be four months by Dec 30! It’s amazing, how the pregnancy is going!


Dec 3—Isaiah’s officially 25!!!!  I will get to join the “25” crew in June! I’m getting there. Ha-ha.  I’m also back to work after a relaxing week off from working at Sutton. 1 week to go until we have our 2nd ultrasound for the baby! And before we know it, January will be here, and we’ll finally find out about the baby’s sex then! (Most likely mid-Jan I would think).


Dec 8—Dinner with the family at the Maitland house!   Saw Dee too!  Nice time with everyone!

Dec 10—our 2nd ultrasound!!!! I’m at 13 weeks now!  Amazing!!!!  Baby waved and smiled!!!! We were so thrilled. Everyone loves the waving.. so funny and so cool!


Dec 13th   is today.  I had an appt with Dr. Tu… I got to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time!!!  It was good and fast… at 170!  I also booked for the last ultrasound for January 18th… I’ll be at 18 weeks then, and we’ll get to find out the sex of the baby. So it should be awesome!!!!


I love this pregnancy… there are so many milestones, and things to experience.  There’s tons more in the coming weeks too!   Anyway,  Christmas is around the corner, and we plan to finish our xmas shopping this weekend. There’s a quite a few Christmas gets togethers in the next few days, and beyond.  It’s gonna be so great to see everyone, and we’l get more baby talks and etc.   Extended fam haven’t seen the ultrasound pictures, so I’ll get to show them soon 🙂  Isaiah and I are very thrilled and can’t wait for June to arrive!!!


Okay, that’s all for now..  More to come probably around Christmas time!!!!  Until then, stay merry and make lots of memories!!!








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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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