A Note As November Draws to A Close!

Hi People!
It’s been an interesting month of November, that is.  The baby’s still doing well, and I’m good.  The news of our pregnancy continues to spread, and we’ve received three baby cards in the mail already!  It’s displayed on the fireplace mantel!  We are loving the incredible mass of support and love from the people that we love and care and whoever else has made footprints into our lives!  We are looking forward to our 2nd ultrasound on December 10th and I’ll be 13 weeks then….. time really flies!  (it’ll be just as fast as the wedding countdown was, seriously!).  We’ve been into the Christmas spirit… we have started with our christmas shopping and have talked about possible plans of how we are spending the holiday season with family and friends. We’ve been thinking about stuff for the baby, and all that jazz.  It’s no secret that we’ve walked into Toys R Us and checked out the Babies R Us section of the store a few times since October, and we’re always finding more ideas of what we like for our baby to have in their room.  Right now, I’m in a girly phase but  the January ultrasound will confirm what gender of the baby we are having.  We don’t really care as long it’s healthy, and it’s good! LOL.
We haven’t really been out with friends much as of late, but on Saturday, we celebrated my best friend, Carol’s birthday  which started off at Kool’s and then the party continued at UP! .  It was a fun night, and of course there was a bit of baby talk.  I have began to show a tiny bit…. but it’ll be more obvious at Christmas time LOL (look out, holiday food LOL!).
Tomorrow marks our 1 and 1/2 years of being married (yeah, the magical 27th!)  and I have to mention the totality of all together as a couple… 6 1/2 years (that includes the married  part!) and now expecting at 11 weeks (and 1 day!) of our first baby.  I have a baby ticker that is now part of my signature in emails!  It’s really cute.  It has a green elephant with a multicoulour tag of pink and blue with the weeks milestones.  It tells you below how far along I am and how many days to go!
December is booking up really busy….. The end of November (the 30th) which is this Friday is the annual Christmas Gala @ Hilton Hotel for the real estate board.  The Saturday and Sunday is in celebration of Isaiah’s birthday…turning 25!  The Saturday is with his crew (and me).  Sunday with his mom at her house for dnner.  The rest of December has tons of xmasy events…. and with new years to close the year.  We’re excited though… our 1st Christmas being pregnant!!!!! 🙂  I always have this thing about 1st Christmases for stuff (like as a couple,  the cats, being married, being pregnant, being parents/our child’s 1st xmas and things like that). I’m too festive!  Haha!
Okay, that’s all for today.  More to come later on.  Have a good week as November draws to a close!  Keep reaching for the stars 🙂

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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