My Hearts of Autumn!!!

Hi Everyone!!!


After falling off the earth for a while, I am back and bringing you the last of October and early November updates of my life. Things have been pretty busy, but pretty amazing so far within my personal life, married life, and social life, and professional life too. So here we go! 


 On October 25 & 29th, I saw Carol for some hang out time for both of those nights. I always love seeing her. She rocks my world and I know i do the same for her!!!! 


  • On Oct 29th, the day Isaiah started his new job at Toyota!!! He likes the job so far. Lots of driving though since its way out of town but currently carpooling when possible.  He’s making Matrix and Camry for the plant. NO Lexus but oh well. He’ll be finally making good money, and all that great stuff!!!!

Of course, Halloween rolled around, as to end the month of October, but we were low-key and stayed home. He was on days then, so we had nights together that week.  He’s currently on nights tho.. for this week and next week. Boo!  


November has kicked off with spending some time with my mom, just one on one…. That started this past Sunday the 4th. We checked out the Holiday Homes Tour. It was fun. Of course, it was nice to see christmas displays, but really, I got  more general house ideas as to like what we would want/how to set up our first house once we get it… The next time I was out with my mom was last night (the 7th). It was the KINGSMILL SHOPPING NIGHT. Prior to shopping, we had dinner at Oscar Taylors.  both things were pretty fun, and nice chance to talk with my mom too 🙂


Also, I have done lots of Joker care within the last two weeks… it’s crazy, and i don’t think it’ll slow down for a while…. the fam is pretty busy!  Joker still needs more training though… we need that trainer guy that we had for a day back in the summer and get Joker more obeyed up…. I MISS NIKO!!!!!!!  He was the BEST dog ever, and I’m still so sad that he passed away, almost two years ago (late January 2006). Niko won’t ever replace any other dog. I want Isaiah and I to get our own poodle (just like Niko) eventually.  I have a pic of Niko framed (i wish that he was around for my wedding–seriously, I would have had an amazing wedding pic of me and him too!) and I look at him all the time. Maybe next year or at least the year after… Poodles are hard to find and pretty expensive, but they are the most amazing dogs ever! (Joker is mixed… part poodle, and part golden retriver)… 


Anyway, we have lots to look forward for the rest of November…. Isaiah and I are hosting our first family dinner party at our place this coming Sunday… it should be pretty awesome. I have two girlfriends who are celebrating their birthdays, Christine and then my absoutely favorite best friend, Carol.  Isaiah and I are also attending the annual LSTAR/SG SELECT Christmas gala at the end of the month.  So we’re pretty busy but enjoying our married life.  It’ll be a year and half on November 27th!!!!! Time flies so fast… and we are trying to get on top of the Christmas shopping too (so Decmeber is also pretty crazy with Isaiah’s birthday, Christmas and New Year’s too)!!!!  I have my time off from work (finally!) during the last week of November.. (Nov 26 to 30th). I’ve been working hard at work being admin assistant since my last vacation in late May so yeah, i’m looking forward to lots of R & R!!!!  


Anyway, that’s all. Autumn 2007 is pretty amazing, and despite the weather, i know my life will continue to have lots of sunshine!!!!


Love ya all,



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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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