Beautiful Autumn Treats :)

Evening People!


I come back to life with more october news which will be shared momentarily. Hope the month is treating everyone peachy well, and wish all those who are still in school the best of luck with midterms, and the like.  You all will do awesome!  The weather has been unusually warm for some days of the month so far especially with thanksgiving weekend with temps that soared to 30 C and highs of 23 this past weekend.  While I love warm weather, I do wish that it brings more like fall temps now that we’re drawing closer to Halloween.  Halloween has always had traditional weather of being cold and rain or just damp or clear. It depends.  Anyway, let’s get you all updated with my rainbows of life! Read below!


We had Thanksgiving dinner with Violet on the 6th. Later that night, we went out to celebrate Erin’s birthday (Alan’s girlfriend) at Joe Kool’s. Ran into Christine upon our departure from the bar so that was awesome! The next night we had turkey dinner with my parents on the 7th.  Watched a movie with my ‘rents after dinner along with Isaiah which was good.  We enjoyed having the thanksgiving monday off together at home 🙂 

The following Saturday which was the 13th, Isaiah and I went to Mark & Karrie’s wedding in Ingersoll @ Elm Hurst Inn. It was beautiful.  Saw the old Lucas gang there.  We were there until 12:30 AM.  Isaiah got a lot of compliments on his orange dress shirt. I wore my purple VS dress. I hung out with Sheri a lot though. 🙂 


This past Saturday was the 20th and was Tam’s bach party! It was so much fun. Very much rock-star style ;). I was very happy to be reunited with Sarah W and the girls! (Last time we went out was in June!). We got a limo for the night… So it was very COOL! I loved being in that! We also had a lesson of pole and lap dancing at Thorny Devil’s before the club was open to the public. So that was sexy! Of course the rest of the night was dancing, talking and being around the girls. The last stop before I went home was at club Diesel but I wasn’t there very long. I ran into Amanda Stan at Thorny Devil’s though, and I hadn’t seen her for a few months so that was awesomeJ. I wore a dark green top that I had bought a few weeks ago and I looked great. Mind you, I’m not too much into green, but I felt like being bold and have a change of color since I’m usually in blue, black, red, white and pink (and sometimes in purple)! 


Yesterday, Isaiah and I put our new xmas tree up and other xmas decorations around our place, and we finally put up and framed some of our wedding pictures (why it took us almost a year and half, i have no idea.. we have been really busy, and other things had taken top prority but it’s all done now! We feel more in spirit with Christmas and more homey now that we have pics to remind us of our special day from May 2006.  We actually watched our wedding video again last night (we do that every few months or so when we get in the mood to get all sentimential !).  I felt so beautiful and so full of happiness and love on that day as the bride!


Anyway, that’s the latest in what’s up with me. I’ve been a busy being a wife, daughter to my parents, being an awesome friend to several friends and etc.  I am loving the life I lead right now, and treasure for the many more memories and experiences to share with being who I am as it dances along. 🙂


With Peace and Happiness;






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