Autumn Magic!!!

Hi Everyone!


Here I am… September has long come and gone.  October has arrived, and it’s going to be a busy, busy month!!!! Lots going on!!!!  I’m excited for everything though!  Anyway, i’m here to bring you all to speed of what else went on in September.


On the 19th—Mercedes turned one… Proud of her and the mom, Sarah Wade!  Also I received my purple VS dress that dayJ. I look forward to wear the dress at M & K’s wedding on Oct 13th which is the weekend after thanksgiving!  We celebrated Diane’s birthday on the weekend of htethe 22nd.  She finally joins the “24” crew! Next to join is Carol in November! Ha-ha!   I finally got to wear my hot purple halter lacy top that I’ve been meaning to sport since August. I got to see some people that I haven’t seen for awhile at the party too, like Amanda and Abel, and etc.  Isaiah, Summers and I went to see the new Resident Evil movie at Rainbow (They play the newest movies there now!) as well.  Plus, the weekend football thing happened at Mother Teresa HS for the guys. I just watched them play. I also randomly decided to run a lap around the track. Whoa. I hadn’t run since HS (literally!). However, I didn’t stop for the whole lap, so I was proud of myself for that!


My Dentist appt. was blah on the 26th ! It went ok.  I may be switching dentists in December. So we’ll see.  I went home afterwards as I didn’t feel well that day anyways.  The next night was the Premiere of CSI (really good!!!!) and ER too!  Good thursdays for tv!.  This was the last highlight of September!



This week has been a pretty good week so far!!!!  I went to Alex’s hockey game at the WFSC Monday night.  Alex’s team won 3-2!!!   Tuesday was all about my evening with Di… went to stables for some things for Di’s class, dinner at Jack Astor’s (first time for the both of us alone), and a bit of hanging out at my place. It was a fun time though!!!


We received the most exciting news of the year so far yesterday!!!! Isaiah gets the call from Toyota and finds out that he got the job!!!! Starts Oct 29th!!  I’m so proud of him and so are those that we love dearly.  It’s awesome!!!!  It couldn’t have come at a better time… Thanksgiving is just this weekend!!!! 🙂


Anyway, that’s all the crazyness so far…. Enjoy the rest of the week, and be thankful for everything  in your life and the people that you love.  Happy early thanksgiving everyone!!!!


Hugs & Kisses,







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