My Life Is A Dance :)

Hi Everyone!
It’s been a while since last update eh?  Labour Day Monday! Geez, where did all the time go?  September has been treating me good though! A busy bee, I have been with work and with personal life as well.
My little brother, Alex began his 2nd year of HS in Grade 10 at CCH.  Hope you have a wonderful year, and that you live it up to the fullest, Alex! 🙂 Highschool years are the best years to remember! 🙂 I remember my favorite was in Grade 12, in other words my graduating year.  Everything was memorable to the end, and I even created even more awesome ones to the extra year in OAC I had at JPII as a graduate!
On the 9th of September was Karrie’s bridal shower in Dorchester. It was hosted by her sister, Brianne and best friend Christine (who she went to university with and is her current roommate) and her aunts.  It was a fun shower, and I got to drive on my own outside of London. I don’t even remember if there was a last time, that I’ve been solo driving out of town. I remember driving with someone whether it’s with the husband and or with the family. So yeah. Coolio.  Karrie marries Mark on October 13th. (the weekend after thanksgiving). I can’t wait for the wedding 🙂 Speaking of that, I recently made one last order to VS. I purchased a new purple dress last week. It should arrive here any day now! *fingers crossed*
On the 12th, Violet (mother in-law) did another blonde dye on my hair.  My roots were showing and the last dye was just before my birthday in June. So i needed an touchup 🙂  I have to get my hair trimmed/cut soon though.  Split ends are driving me insane! Maybe this Saturday coming… we’ll see!
just last Saturday (the 15th), Isaiah and I had a "hockey" date at the JLC.  We watched an exbition game of the Knights against Sagnaw (they’re a USA team).  Unforunately, the knights lost in the last 30 seconds to the game.  The score was 5-4.  Close game though!  I wonder if we’ll have another "hockey" date before the year’s up. We’ll see!
Anyway, not too much else is new.  We are TTC though, it’s been just about two weeks so far.   That’s all I’ll say on that. 
Alrightee.  That’s all for the update on my fabulous life. I’m enjoying September thus far, and excited for many events to come before the year’s end!  Enjoy the rest of the month, and live it up to the fullest!
Hugs & Kisses,

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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