Labour Day Smiles :)

Hi People!!!!


Hope everyone’s enjoying the long wekend and wish you all a good end to the summer!

I have news to share. So continue on!


Monday and Tuesday have nothing too special to report.  


Wednesday had twists! I left work early for some Joker training at the Maitland house. The training went well.  The trainer that was with us was John Wade.  He’s famous locally for pet training.  I later had a visit with my sexy hyper chick (Carol) at her house.  I missed her so much.  It was a great day overall!!!


Thursday—Visiting Nutty (Christine) at her house.  I tried on a dress that I might be wearing for a wedding that Isaiah and I are attending in October.  We had a good visit too!


Friday had nothing too special to report.


Saturday was the start of September. I had original plans of a having a girl’s night, but it didn’t work out.  Instead, I went out to dinner at Boston Pizza with Isaiah and summers and we three also went to see the remake of Halloween which wasn’t too bad. I prefer the original Halloween better!  Isaiah also got a new dress shirt for an upcoming October wedding. He looks Purdy!


Sunday was the family reunion at the Maitland house.  Mom & Dad’s side of the family J  Good times were held.  Joker played a lot with Michelle and Ryan’s dog, Elvis. The two were worn out by the end of the night LOL.   Emily-Anne was being so adorably cute.  Later on in the evening, she showed off her princess shoes.  It was so funny and gorgeous.  I made veggies and dip for the party. Note that I rarely make anything so that made me feel good.  Me being Little more grown-up J  I got to see Brady, Belinda and Jason so that was good too.   Isaiah and I had more of our personal talks and we’ve decided to up the TTC time.  Now I’m really happy and excited.  Not yet, but soon! We definitely want our first child to be born in 2008 so we then realized that the earlier the better that we start trying, we could have a possibly of being expecting by Christmas  so October 1st has been picked for our TTC start.  So pretty much 27 days away now!  It still gives me another chance to try to schedule one last girl’s night for sometime this month (most likely near the end of Sept) and to finish up any other unfinished business that I have or that we have together.


So that’s that 🙂 More september news will come in  a few days!!!  Have a good Labour day, Everybody!!!


Love you all,






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