My Hot August Rock Of Happiness!

Hi Everybody!


Miss Hot pink is here. More summer news is on the way.  Wednesday was all about grocery shopping and hanging out at home.  I was asked by a friend to hang out, but I just needed to be at home as I wasn’t feeling too well and tired.  Isaiah’s got some cool karaoke system on his computer and been getting songs via the internet so pretty soon, we can have a party here, and it would be fun!  We’re thinking maybe in late September that we may have the party! Wait and see!


Thursday and Friday had nothing too special going on.  Friday was all about movie night at home. Aww,  I love those stay in nights!  


Saturday arrived and we stopped by the house to check on Joker, problems with my car again L and we went to White Oaks to look around and what not. This was all in the afternoon. I didn’t buy anything at the mall though! Nothing too exciting at the moment but more new things will come out soon! We did get a couple movies from Blockbuster (well bought one, and rented another) on the way home. Both were thrillers and really good.  I personally am the not so scary cat type! Instead, me is the action babe!


Today is Sunday. We checked out a house that we had been interested in the last few days.  It turned out to be not very likable. So more hunting is on the go. Hopefully, we’ll see more next weekend during the day!  We’ll get our “one” house eventually. Hopefully sometime this fall!


I am very excited for the long weekend. Girls’ night has been planned for Saturday night.  It’s been a while that I personally have been out with my hot girls! It’ll be quite a sexy time! Also, there is the family reunion for Sunday at my ‘rents house with my mom’s side of the family.  It should be really fun!!!  I’m excited about it.  Not sure yet what’s on the agenda for Friday night or the Monday that we have off together but that’ll probably be spontaneous!


Okay, that’s all the update for now.  Check back in a few days.  Enjoy the rest of Sunday that’s left.


Hugs & Kisses,






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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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