A Dolphin Duo Of A Note!

Hey, I’m here once again. I’ve been quite a busy bee lately.7 Enjoying of what’s left of Summer 2007. It’s going by way too fast. Where has the time gone???  I have exciting dibs to share! So keep digging in!


Friday was Crystal’s going away party at ESM!!! It was good.  There was about 10 of us.  I’m glad I got to see Crystal before she left for Calgary. It was also a chance to spend time with Diane too!


Saturday was our August Romance to Niagara Falls!!!! Our getaway was so fun and amazing! Marine land was a lot of fun. It brought back some memories of me as a kid there, especially at the Deer park. Mom would tell you stories of me keeping the food in my little purse and them going crazy for it.  We went to all the shows, and checked out every animal that was there.  No rides though (because Wonderland is so much worth it when it comes to thrills!).  Walked along the falls.  The one thing that we didn’t plan to do, but decided spontageously then was to go on the Maid of the Mist. Oh that was amazing. Sure, we got soaked but it was neat being so up close to the falls. Quite an experience of having what seemed like a shower, and seeing the falls all in one!  I loved us doing that boat together. Later, we had reservations at Table Rock Resturant. Next time, we’ll have one in the skyline tower!  Dinner was good.  Saw the falls one last time with the lights before we made the drive back to London. We were originally gonna stay the night but we changed our minds a few days prior to since other plans came up for Sunday.  Oh well, there’ll always be a next time for a overnight stay!  There are still other things in Niagara that we still want to check out or do but maybe next year or maybe during the winter time. I believe the falls are beautiful with the snow around them. It would be a sight!


Sunday—Conner’s first birthday party that Cousin Shannon is hosting at Sharmaine’s!  It was so fun. Conner was so good.  Had a cake to all him. There was another cake made for actual guests to have. We got some neat gifts for Conner that we know that he would enjoy and be learning at the same time. Most of the family on Isaiah’s side was there.  We were very tired when we were finally home and to relax. It had a been a very busy weekend.


Monday arrives and I have nothing too much to report.  Just work and being at home afterwards.


Tuesday comes around. I find out I have problems with my sunroof on my car. So I get it looked at.  Later after work, the girls and I go to dinner in Exeter (not GB as I originally thought we would be in).  Eddingiton was the restaurant. A very casual but fine dining.  Food was good.  My main course was Chicken Appleby. Interesting. Chicken that had sliced apples on top and caramel sauce along with baked potatoes and veggies.  Of course, I had salad and I shared dessert of apple baked bread pudding. Interesting and yummy at the same time, that dessert was!


Anyway, more to come later. Enjoy the rest of the week!  Keep on smiling and partyin’ hard to the summer’s bang!


Love ya all,






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