Roses Fill My Life!

Hi Guys! Some new dibs have arrived. So read on to find out what’s NEW!


Sunday was my Dad’s birthday. Celebration at the Maitland house!  Hung out with everybody, Dad opened gifts, we went hot-tubing.


Monday comes aknocking! Our new stove arrived at the apartment. Our current stove is going to our old apartment upstairs and the one up there is junk.  I’m excited that I can finally cook more.  Surely, the stove bought for the apartment is not my dream stove (but I’ll get that dream stove for my 1st house!), but it’s definitely modern enough to feel safe cooking on it and not have to worry too much!  So I’m happy about that. We are still waiting on our new cupboards and counter from Kevin.  He just finished upgrading upstairs so hopefully by end of next week, everything’s finished here!


Tuesday night was fun. I  got to hang out with Carol for the evening at her place. We were together for about 5 hours again. So much fun. Love hanging out with my amazing best friend! We’ll probably have another visit in like a week. Hehe. She’s back to Western for another year of university education soon.


Wednesday had Nothing too exciting. Just hung around at home when I was done work.


Thursday  was yesterday. I spent the evening with my ‘rents and the majority of the Bialkowski family. Night started at the Maitland house, and then the party continued at Jim Bob’s. My cousin Jeff was in the Tim and E band and they were having a tribute for the evening to Elvis.  They put on a good show. It was a lot of fun!  I loved hanging out with my cousins Jill, Joey, Michelle and Kevin.  Ryan was also there. Jill brought along her longtime best friend Lee, whom I haven’t seen in years so it was a great opportunity to catch up with her and and hang out too !  The family is all back together in two weeks for the annual labour day bialkowski family reunnion at the Maitland House.  So I’m very looking forward to that! 🙂


So that’s all the funness for now. I’ll have more to share after the weekend.  Enjoy the weekend by the way!!! Live it up to the fullest!


Love you all,






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