A Castle Of Memories!

Hi Peeps!


I have some dibs to share! So keep going!!!! Here we go! Monday was Civic Holiday Monday so obviously, no work day! I just visited Joker (that dog keeps on growing!!!) at the house, and hung around the house.  I talked more about having kids with Isaiah. We have decided that we’ve given December 1st as the deadline to start trying.  However, we may start trying sooner than December.  It really depends on Toyota. I’m hoping soon like October, but we’ll have to wait and see! I’m pleased though, that we’re finally going to start the process of creating our first child soon!


Tuesday was about me being back to work after the long weekend, then went to the clinic for my annual sexual health check-up (being doing that since I was 18). When I was there, I got more BC, told them we were planning to TTC this fall, and purchased prenatal vitamins and folic acid. Not too long after… we were at Violet’s house.  There’s been an unusual family crisis going on since Saturday for my husband’s side of the family. 


Wednesday came and I went grocery shopping and SHOPPING. I bought Isaiah new t-shirts since his current ones are being worn out.


Thursday rolled around and I went to my ‘rents house for a visit in the evening.  I also bought Dad’s b-day gift.


Friday nite, I hung out at home and just relaxing after work.  Nothing too exciting!


Saturday was yesterday. I was in Grand Bend with Isaiah, Crystal, Diane and Jon for most of the day. It was a lot of fun.  We had super gorgeous weather. We got some sun on us! Of course, took some beach pictures! Later, Isaiah and I drove to a Family BBQ afterwards at his Uncle Shawn’s a town outside of Woodstock. Fun times! I had three drinks (my own Smirnoff ice, and then I had two martinis—blue and then red). Isaiah and I did some karaoke singing!  Isaiah and I learned that we have been invited to go to Conner’s 1st birthday next Sunday that Shannon is hosting in Dash wood so we’ll do that once we are back from our already planned trip to Niagara Falls.  We also learned more of Lindsay’s wedding to her long time partner, Chad for next September (2008).  They live here, but the wedding is going to be in Dash wood. Interesting stuff!


Isaiah and I are looking forward to next weekend. It’s going to be an awesome one!!! The getaway to Niagara Falls!!! We are going to Marine land, then going to have dinner @ Table Rock (that looks over the falls), and check out some night scenery by the falls and what not.  It’s going to be an amazing day and evening! We were originally planning to stay the night, but now we are going to make the late night in the wee hours drive back to London (we have done it before).


We are talking about planning one last trip before the year 2007 draws to a close. This destination would be to Toronto. I want to go shopping at the Easton Centre, check out the CN tower (been three years!) and what not. We might stay the nigh but we’re not too sure. We DO have friends who live there and they have expressed their invite for us to stay the night at their place on occasions so we’ll see how things go this fall, and hopefully the TO trip will work out! *fingers crossed*


So that’s all the update for today! More to come in a few days!  Keep living the rest of the summer to the fullest!!!!!








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