Hope Is In The Stars :)

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen, more news is on the way here.  Please keep reading to know more!


Wednesday was just steady.  I did just housework and relaxing at home after work.


Thursday was my day off from work. I hung out with the ya-ya’s (aunts) and sistas (cousins).   Those that were present were me, my mom, Jill, Jill’s kids (Emily-Anne & William), Joey, Aunt Wanita, Aunt Diann, Aunt Karen (Uncle Mark’s GF) and for a short time, Cheryl (Jill’s mom).  It was a fun day and I later got to go swimming with Joker.


Friday was simple. nothing exciting happened after work. I picked up hubby after he finished work at midnight.  Kinda pretty boring!


Saturday was yesterday.  I stopped by the Maitland house; saw Joker and Alex. Then we went for a walk around Westmount Mall for a change. I didn’t buy anything, but Isaiah got a new book.  Then we rented some movies from Blockbuster and ordered Swiss Chalet for dinner. Spent the evening at home together.  We also talked more about having kids (these talks have been occurring a lot lately!!!!).  We finally decided on a month that we will start to TTC.  Okay, now, it still depends on Toyota. So if we hear from them soon, and he starts work in the fall, then we will TTC after he’s done one full week of work there.  If things don’t work out with Toyota at all for some reason (regardless if he was chosen to work there or not), we’ve decided that we will start to TTC in December, December 1st to be accurate as the start date.  However, we could start earlier than December if things DO work out with Toyota meaning they hire him, and he starts work there… so it could be earlier like i.e. October. Regardless, I’m thrilled to say that we will finally TTC this fall for sure! (After being married for over a year)J!  It made me really happy yesterday and don’t worry, it was a mutual decision that we made TOGETHER.  Isaiah wants to have kids as bad as I do! I know that I’m still planning on finishing the rest of the summer with fun nights out with the girls and romantic stuff as planned.  I have an appt with the clinic on Tuesday for my annual check up and such, also questions will be brought up in the sake of my near future planned pregnancy and what not.  I may be starting the prenatal vitamins soon, and who knows, I may be off the pill sooner than I think I have to be.  Please note that we are still actively looking for our first house, and we may be willing to accept that whatever house that we buy, that the closing date may be longer than we want/wish it to be as long we are living in the new house before the baby’s born. That’s all that we ask. We are really looking forward to the new chapter in our lives later this year with the possibilities of being pregnant and buying a new house.


Anyway, hope you all have been enjoying August so far and the long weekend that we are in.  Party it up to the fullest as summer is fast approaching to a close in a month! Crazy!








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