Following Dreams :)

Hi People!


I’m Back!  Hehe.  More timbits of news for you to catch up on!!! Ready, Set, GO!!!!


Saturday rolled around and we did some house hunting in the afternoon (saw one house, the other one was unavailable due to no show of the listing realtor). I later went out as it was my night.  I first stopped by the “PINK” party at Diane’s apartment that was being hosted by her sister, Kat and boyfriend, Paul.  I was there for little over an hour. It was great to be around Diane for a while. The dog, Rufus had some pink on him. Too funny!  Jon and his best bud, Scott walked me to the new bar that was called UP so that I can meet up with Carol there to party for a bit.  I LOVE and LOVE “UP”!  This is the new bar that replaced Old Chicago’s!  I totally believe UP is the best bar/club in London so far. It’s just fantastic!  However, Kim, Carol and I didn’t stay long (just until midnight) but we were in love with UP.  I would definitely go there again sometime soon!


Sunday knocked on our life! We did more house hunting… 3 houses  were looked at this time.  We did some housework afterwards. Then, we just relaxed for the remainder of the day and evening. Cooked dinner together which was nice; we rarely ever do that!  It was a really nice Sunday to be together J Totally loved it!


Monday appears and I went shopping at White Oaks after work.  My feet were really tired and sore when I got home (no kidding!) . I only bought one sexy purple halter top which was from Sirens and it was cheap too! Proud of myself, I’m pretty good at shopping for sales! Can’t wait to sport that sexiness sometime soon!  After that, I was just home and relaxing and ended up being up for Isaiah when he got home after midnight from work.


Tuesday aka last night was our movie date night. We went to see the Simpsons movie at Silver City.  Prior to the movie, we just walked around Masonville to pass some time and had dinner at the food court (felt like being casual and cheap).  I bought this new chicken soup book (I haven’t read a new one of those in a long time, the last one was bought prior to the wedding—the bride book). This one that i just bought is for expectant mothers. Isaiah was with me when I bought it and he was like smiling. I know very early, but we keep talking about wanting to TTC, and I’m fairly certain it’s going to happen sometime this fall.  We’re looking at houses like crazy on MLS and  with Dad being our realtor has been helping lots too.   Of course, we won’t officially start to TTC until we have moved into our first house but it’ll happen this fall though (both dreams—owning a house and having OUR 1st baby). Isaiah KNOWS that I want US to be pregnant by the end of the year (even if it’s only a few weeks into it). I am emotionally and physically ready for motherhood. I’ve wanted to be a young mom for as long as I can remember.  Isaiah is getting more excited about having kids and we both want daughters first. LOL. Girls are more special than boys, enuff said (of course, we still want one of each sex too. We want the eldest to be our daughter.  I am looking forward to the experiences and joys of being pregnant with our kids and raising them together as parents with Isaiah.  I had a dream the other night about painting very vibrantly a room for our daughter and it was just filled with love.  *smiles*


Okay, that’s all the updates for now.  More to come in few days.  Enjoy the rest of  the week and the coming long weeekend…. Keep on smiling and get some sun!!!!








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