A Busy Bee Week!

Hi Peeps!


Sorry… Jules has been really a busy bee lately!!!! Now here to get you all up to speed!!!!  so here weo go! Last Sunday was dinner & visit with Mom, Dad & Alex was fabulous time!  Aunt Diann and Uncle Joe were still in town so they joined all of us for dinner.  After dinner, Isaiah and I had some hot-tubbing time. Fun stuff!  After that, we watched Hannibal with my ‘rents and Alex (and Joker) before heading home.


Monday and Tuesday were great.  There’s nothing too exciting to share with you. Isaiah was home for both of those nights, so we spent a lot of time together.  He was really affectionate last night which I loved.  Heehee!  I went shopping yesterday but came home empty-handed.  It happens. When I see something fabulous on me and know that I can wear it with a smile,  I will get it.  There’ll be more new stuff coming out as the rest of the summer rolls by.  I still have a inch to get more clothes from VS but I’m going to wait on that—probably mid-august or late august.


Wednesday came around.. .I saw mom at work for about an hour.  Always nice to see mom!  She was here again that night… put some curtains up and some things on the wall too.  So the place is looking even more gorgeous. Still not complete without our wedding pictures… we are working on that!!! We just have very opposite work hours for the time being and spend our free time together just being together…. And forget about the pics! LOL!


Nothing really Thursday except that I went tanning.   Same story for Friday… just chilled at home all evening after work.  Plans with friends didn’t work out, but that’s okay. It happens.


Saturday was all about our little getaway for a few hours.  However, Isaiah and I wanted to sleep in for a bit. So we did.  We didn’t leave until about lunch time or so.   We arrived in Goderich just after 1.   Drove around town, walked around the town square, looked at the car show (well it was just about to end when we arrived)—did manage to get some pics for Dad though!   We went down to the beach for a little while.  We had dinner at Harbour Park Inn…. This casual restaurant/bar but it’s the oldest building in town so it was nice knowing that we were sitting in some history place!  We returned to the beach afterwards to watch the sunset.   Sat on some rocks and afterwards on the beach and of course took pictures as the sun was setting. These sunsets in Goderich are so beautiful!!!!


Sunday aka yesterday—did some housework, went out for lunch and just relaxed.  Made arrangements for our next summer trip! New destination is Niagara Falls for August 18 and 19th.  Oh, it was a very expensive online day for me!  We booked our hotel room (made sure it was the cheapest room that we could fine online), got the Marine land tickets and reserved a table for dinner at Table Rock Restaurant (one that looks over the falls!).  I know it’s all worth it though because it’ll be a very fun and very romantic getaway for us as a couple!!!! We’ve decided on the Sunday that we return home, that we’ll probably walk along the falls and maybe either go on the Mist or a short horse carriage ride too. We’ll see.  Saturday’s already expensive as it is!  We’re really psyched to go and four weeks left before we do that!  VISA needs to go down so that we have more money on the card if we do anything else on the Sunday!  We are definitely making the most of our summer!  All the crazy things to do at the moment! Fall will have its own excitement but not as crazy as right now!  House and maybe TTC too also in the works for the fall!  We might have a small weekend trip to Toronto before the snow hits though. We’ll see!  Anyway, the rest of Sunday was dinner & visit with Isaiah’s parents.  We played a round of dominos and then a card game that we hadn’t played in a while. Fun times! So that’s all!!!!  More craziness to come in a few days… I’ll try to post again before the weekend…. we’ll see!!!!  Have a good evening, everyone!!!!


With Love,









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