Love Lemonade Of Sweetness :)

Hi Peeps! Hope y’all had a wonderful week! It’s been peachy so far!  The highlight was probably yesterday.. You’ll know more in a few!  Gotta catch up first! LOL.  So keep reading!  

I worked until close  on Monday again.  What a crazy busy day at work. Worked until close!  Go figure!  Mom was over again later in the evening. I got new curtains for the bedroom and for a couple other locations, and new hangers.  I love it: D. it’s all purdy now!  Still waiting on a few things to be hung up on the wall, and we’re still working on picking out pictures to be framed and hung up too… maybe this coming weekend we will get that task accomplished! I found out that Shadow has a repertory infection…. He’s got some pills from the vet, so we’re hoping that helps. We think he got the infection from being out in the heat too much.  Well when it’s nice weather, he tends to stay out for as long he can and we do leave water and food outside for him.  He’s about 3 ½ years now.  Shadow’s been a good kitty so we’re hoping he’ll make it through J   

Tuesday had nothing much happened. Just real busy at work.  

Wednesday— I had lunch with mom which was real nice. We hardly ever do that so it’s a treat when we do!  Isaiah and I went grocery shopping late into the night (pretty much after midnight when Isaiah finished work!).

Thursday and Friday….nothing exciting happened.

Saturday was yesterday. The highlight of my week—Emily’s wedding!!!!!! I was so pumped for it!  I wore my new navy blue dress that I had bought back in late May.  I love it (  The ceremony was at King’s College. The chapel in the new building, Labatt Hall (opened in 2002). The wedding was beautiful. Emily looked gorgeous in her sweetheart shaped wedding gown!  Lisa and Amy looked smashing in their raspberry bridesmaid dresses.  I loved Lisa’s hair. She had gorgeous romantic waves in her hair!  Of course, I saw the girls that I went to Lorne Ave with (years, years ago!).  I ran into one of the guys from Lorne Ave at the reception.. Daniel! OMG! Been too long!  We all saw our teacher from Lorne Ave, Mrs. Julie Estra.   We stopped at my parents’ house between the ceremony and the reception.  Aunt Diann and Uncle Joe came down.  Nice to see them!. The reception was at the Great Hall (@ UWO).  It was beautifully decorated done!  Our table was right up front which was nice because Emily knew that that a lot of us need to be able to see people who did speeches and the MC.  We did some dancing.  My husband was sexy in his new purple dress shirt!!! :D.  Daniel decided that we all do shots at the end of the night. Fun times. We also got a group shot done and etc.  I enjoyed myself.  Isaiah and I talked more of our next big commitment in our marriage over dinner.  Yes of course, children. We keep talking about it (and we have had like millions of those conversations throughout our six years of being together), and we’re almost ready but it’s going to be a little bit longer before we start to TTC.   I’m thinking sometime this fall though.  We’ll see! 

Anyway, that’s all that’s new for now.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend (of what’s left anyway!).  Keep on partyin’ hard and smiles…. the happy go lucky life! Hehe.  Meow!

With Love,  



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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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