Hearts Filled With Joy :)

Evening People! Hope everyone’s enjoying July so far!!! Lots of sunshine, gorgeous beach temps and what not.  Finally, some updates are here to share. Let’s travel back to last week to get back on track!

So on Monday, I saw Joker a few times throughout the day, Isaiah and I got some hot-tubing time at the Maitland house and just relaxed at home afterwards.  I love it when we do get to use the hottub 🙂

Tuesday was all about being back to work after a long weekend and it was really busy. I was stuck at work until 6. Afterwards, Isaiah and I visited Isaiah’s family for a bit… It was Ashley’s b-day!

Wednesday was Isaiah’s scheduled day off so he did most of the moving then from upstairs to downstairs. I helped out with the rest of the move when I got home. We later picked up a new dvd player from Best Buy because our old one stopped working 😛 We had our first night at our new place (downstairs…still on STANLEY). Kitties were incredibly scared of the change and wouldn’t come out really much and that drove us a little crazy.

Thursday night was an organizing night.….I organized more of our new place with Mom. It’s looking better everyday. Sherlock’s ventured out this morning, and about 10 PM, Husky finally started getting curious by coming out from under our bed and just walking around.  I know they recognize some things…but the rooms are different. By the end of the weekend, we AND the cats will be used to living here and it’ll all look beautiful!  I will take pictures next week as things should be set to where they are by then (most things, if not all). 

Friday was all about seeing friends after work! I saw Carol for a bit at her work after I finished my work day at the office. It was nice to see her. A bit later that night, I went to see Sarah and her daughter, Mercedes at her apartment. I also reunited with Sarah’s twin brother, Adam whom I haven’t seen in ages. It was nice to catch up with him for a bit.  The visit with Sarah was good.  Then, I was home for the rest of the night.  Later, I picked up Isaiah from work when he was done at midnight.

Saturday arrives.  Isaiah and I finished the rest of the move from upstairs to downstairs.  Rogers came by and hooked up our new cable. We didn’t have to worry about internet as we have been wireless since we’ve been living at Stanley since April 30, 2005 (yeah, little over two years now!). We were just disconnected for a little bit though to make sure the cords and stuff were hooked up properly.  We went out to White Oaks later for a few house things, purchase Emily’s wedding present and Violet’s (MIL) birthday present.  Mom was over during the day too to help for little while with stuff around the place which was definitely appreciated.

Sunday knocked on our life…, we just packed up a few last things from upstairs and relaxed for most of the day. I went to Masonville Place for some shopping but I didn’t find anything that I liked.  Ah well.  We later had dinner & visit at Isaiah’s parents house in the evening. We were celebrating Violet’s birthday a couple days early (July 10). She liked the gift we got her… a garden statue thing and easy chopper tool for her cooking things.  We played dominos. IT was a game that I haven’t played in YEARS! So it was fun and we had a few rounds at it. Hehe.  Also this day marked Michelle and Ryan’s 1 YEAR wedding anniversary!!!! Congrats 🙂

So that’s about all that’s new for now. Enjoy the remainder of the week for whatever it brings to you all.  I will have a lot more excitement to spill in the next few days so hang in there!!!!

Sharing Sunshine Kisses,



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