Kisses Of The Sultry Sun!!!

Hi Everyone!!!  

Hope you all had  a good week and having an awesome long holiday weekend!!!  I am back to give you all more insight into my life as it journeys on! So here we go!  

Wednesday rolled around.  I saw mom at work. I remember that there was a big crazy downpour rain in the afternoon. That was insane, but of course grass and flowers everywhere needed that drink! And of course relief to the daily summer heat!  After work, I went to get nails and eyebrows done… So prettified! I find out from Isaiah that Husky meowed all night last night (Tuesday). So I’m thinking he had another growth spurt. They’re still that growing age!

Thursday was a knocking opportunity day! Isaiah got a phone call from Toyota and he’s going in for another interview.. The final one so I’m HOPING he gets it. It would so rock! Anyway, I did some shopping after work @ Masonville Mall… two new bras and a pair of new dressy shoes!  Happy with my outcome!

Friday night brought on excitement early to my birthday…I saw “Live Free or Die Hard” (4th Die Hard movie) with Diane and Jon at Silver city. Awesome, awesome movie!!!! I would have no problem seeing it again… action after action every minute!!!!  Thanks to you two for taking me to see it!!!! J Love you!

Saturday was finally MY BIRTHDAY!!!! What a great day!!!!  Went to the bend with my husband, Carol, and Tanya….  Spent three solid hours there and we definitely all got some sun on us!!!  It was awesome being there… definitely want to have another beach day soon!!!!  Heehee, Isaiah and I had some romantic time after the beach for a while back at our place… *winks* I totally loved having that special privacy time on my birthday!   Emily showed up just around 8:30 as planned and we left not too long after her arrival to go to Tap House.   Tap House was so fun, and yes, I did get drunk…. Not too drunk enough to have a hangover but I definitely had a buzz by the end of the night.   I loved seeing a few more people and wished that more people were able to show up or hang around longer but ah well. I made the best of it!  I did have a great birthday overall!!!!  I’m grateful for those who did make it out to celebrate with me to the beach and to party at Tap House. Means so much to me! XOXO

Yesterday was Sunday and it is known also “Canada Day”. Happy 140th Birthday, Canada!!!!  I went to see my parents in the morning and I received a HUGE birthday present from my dad.  Another car! It’s a white Toyota car but its 1985. Yes, it’s old but really in awesome shape and everything.   I know, I still don’t have my AUDI A4 (my DREAM car) but I’ll get there!  So yes, we have two cars now… So Isaiah will be mainly driving the blue one now and I’ll drive the white one. I’m sure occasionally we’ll swap cars for a change in driving.  So anyway, this car came from California!  I was definitely surprised! I didn’t think we have TWO cars this soon though. I figured probably once we had my AUDI but ok, why not!   Anyway, I went home afterwards, and I just hung around at home and still feeling tired from the previous night so I had my nap. Isaiah had been out helping a couple friends move to a new apartment and he came back to get me so that we could have a late lunch/early dinner with the guys. This was after I had been napping for over an hour. We went to Jack Astor’s.  One of the girls that I went to JPII with was our waitress… I can’t remember her name at the moment but I know that I had art class with her and I think English class too.  She definitely graduated with us.  Anyway, after dinner, we went to Isaiah’s parents’ house. They still had a present for me, and showed off my new car!  Not much else happened… just been hanging around home since.

So all updated  for now eh??? LOL.  Enjoy July to the fullest…the new countdown is on for Emily’s wedding….. July 14… and oh yeah, M & R celebrate their one year wedding anniversary on the 8th!!!!  So excited!!!! 🙂  Of course other things to continue with beach trips and househunting and the like.  Enjoy today, and the remainder of the week, people!!! Live each day to the fullest!!!  

Love you all!!!




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