Some Summer Love! :)

Hi Everyone!  

Hope the week’s going fantastic for you all. It’s been pretty peachy for me so far! It’ll get even more amazing as the week draws to a close.  Time for some updates! Read on!  

 Nothing too exciting Thursday as usual… However, Friday had some excitement….family dinner out at East Side Mario’s. It was Dylan’s b-day, but we were also celebrating moms and mine early too.  We had a really good dinner. This woman that was making balloons for birthday people came around us too, and it didn’t matter to her that we were beyond kiddies age LOL. So she made this devil hat for Dylan…. Princess hat and heart wand for me!  Mom had fairy wings. It was so funny.  We continued the b-day celebrations back at the house, opening presents. I got some nice stuff and plus more shopping cards! YAY!  US three all felt special for sure.  I looked at this project that Alex had made for religion class which was based on his life growing up and etc. Alex had mentioned some sweet things about me and Dee, and of course the ‘rents as well.  Not much happened for the rest of the evening; just chilled at home.

Saturday… we got new phones with Rogers.’ still same number but just a different phone and just was out and about. Nothing too exciting though! Did some cleaning and etc around the house.

Sunday was exciting. We looked at three open houses. Out of those three, there’s one that we both really like and! Isaiah got really excited about this house and that made me happy because it’s been a while that something strikes him to show huge smiles and etc.  Obviously, we’re very happy together and etc!  Besides our relationship, there isn’t much that gives him a lot of happiness. Of course he gets happy with me, his friends and family and our kitty boys.   He’s really looking forward to us starting fresh, and wanting to keep going with our lives and things like that.  I love that about him, he gets excited about our future and wanting it to become reality.  *smiles* Of course, we’re going to keep going to open houses until we find the “right”  house and check out any other possible houses (besides the open houses that we go to) with our realtor. I’m sure you all can figure out who that is! Ha-ha!

Monday had nothing too exciting. I just hung around here at home after work. However, I helped mom with stuff downstairs for a bit. Painting is getting started this week.

Tuesday had a little more fun!  I worked until close with Diane and Kathy. Then we met up with the rest of the girls and the boss for dinner at Aroma’s. The restaurant is in the same building as the Under the Volcano.  Dinner was really good.  Cesar salad then grilled beef with homemade onion rings and then I had apple cheesecake. Yummy!  I had sex on the beach and a glass of white wine. The wine that we had was amazing. I loved it.  It was an Italy one.  I’m going to try to pick one up for my birthday. I swear I could drink a whole bottle of that particular wine. Heehee! So trashed, me the birthday babe on Saturday! *winks*

Okay, that’s enough news to share for now. More to come soon!  My b-day is fast approaching!!! I can’t wait!!!! Beach time and drinking and dancing!!!! 😉 Sounds like the lovable me! Enjoy the rest of the week and the upcoming long weekend!

Love ya all,  




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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