Making Waves!!!!

Hi Everyone!  

Here I am gabbing away once again.  Bring you up to speed of my glorious life that I love and cherish daily.  So here we go! Saturday had nothing too much exciting. Just did some housework and relaxing with the hubby.

Sunday was Father’s Day dinner at the Maitland House…. Fun times! We finally had our first 2007 dip in the pool and Joker went in too (three times). We’re trying to train him to go up the pool ladder on his own.  Not there yet, but close! Dad joined us in the pool too, so he was going camera crazy. They got a new digital that has underwater feature as well.  So that was fun… Isaiah and I got some hot tub time too.  Of course, we had the traditional BBQ dinner with cake as dessert for Dad, and presents.  We had a good time being with the family.  I’m working on getting the pictures from my ‘rents from that day, so I should have them soon!  By the way, nothing too much was happening for Mon and Tuesday. Blah!

Wednesday is today.  I just had another blonde dye done again tonight.  See how that fans out in the next couple days.  I also received some sad news.  One of the family’s kitties, Mitts (whom I think was just little over a year old…maybe a year and half?) was hit by a car today. The neighbors thankfully saw her, and tried to save her. Mom rushed her to the vet, and see what she could do too.  Nothing could be saved and the surgery would be too costly, and the survival rate was very low so Mitts unfortunately had to be put to sleep.  I’m glad mom got to be with her at the end for a few minutes. She purred before she got breathing heavily and vice versa. She will now join our beloved poodle Niko, and our longest kitty survivor of 15 years, Snowball in heaven and now will be an guardian angel along with them to watch over Joker and Shadow (the other kitty who has been with the family for little over three years now and still going strong).

Anyway, more news is due to come in the next few days.  Surely, the last week of June will be exciting and what not especially with my birthday fast approaching on the 30th…. Wow, soon to be 24.. I hit the milestone of 25 next year and by then, I hope to be expecting with a child too.  I’m not so much about the age when it comes to birthday. I see it as another opportunity to celebrate big on my life and of who I am as individual and the people who are dearly loved in my life!  

Enjoy the rest of the week, people… Take advantage of the new season: SUMMER 2007 which begins officially tomorrow… I’m excited—it’s my FAVORITE season!!!!!  I love it to death.  It’d be awesome if my first child’s EDD happens during the summer.  I’ve adored being a June baby with the zodiac sign of being a Cancerian!  Most of the family celebrates in June… my older brother, my mom and me.  Alex celebrates his in March and Dad’s b-day is in August. Enough said! LOL.

Love ya all,  




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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1 Response to Making Waves!!!!

  1. Micaela says:

    Hey Julie! Can\’t wait for your bday!!!! Talk to you soon!!

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