Star Struck In June!!!

Hi Peeps!

Here are some new dibs. Hope you all have been having a good week so far… here we go! Sunday was the cleaning and relaxing day.  Not much exciting. Isaiah spent a few hours with the guys.  Same story for Monday….    

Tuesday had some news… My new VS order came in!!!! YAY!!! Wearing one of them for my birthday night!   Went tanning in the evening  

Wednesday—went to the bank after work to get a mortgage “estimate”.  It was exciting. It was higher than we originally thought it would be.  So we are going to get the ball rolling again with house hunting and such.  We definitely want to have our house by end of November.  We’ll see how that goal goes!  Keep sending us good vibes!

Thursday, I went to see Mom after work.  We picked out some paint colors for July. What’s happening in July??? We’re moving downstairs, Dylan’s moving out with Sarah to another house/apartment on Hyman.  Of course, this is temporary as we’ll have the actual big move ourselves later this year for our first house but the main floor needs repainting anyway, so it’s just not for my benefit but for future tenants as well. So we have a tiny change this summer!  The move is probably for July 1st, but we may need a few extra days because that weekend is the long weekend, and Saturday June 30th is my birthday so…. We’ll see! We’ve already started to pack and organize stuff today a little bit.  It’s not as scary as the big move two years ago from my parents’ house when I was still 21 and we’ve been living together for this amount of time now. 

Yesterday was Friday. We received a wedding invitation in the mail for October. Two weddings this year!  July is Emily’s and October is for Marky.  I’m so stoked for both of them though!!!! J   Of course, I had another girl’s night (AGAIN!).This time, it was with Sarah and her crew of hot girls.  It was so much fun!!!! 

Two weeks to go until my birthday…. I turn 24 on the 30th… I’m so excited to celebrate my life with the people that I love and care about.  They help shape who I am as an individual.  Celebrate the accomplishments that I’ve made so far in my amazing life.  I am going to live it up to the fullest starting at the beach in GB and ending it at Tap House here in London.  This year will probably be the last one for birthday clubbing because I may be expecting next year or already a mom so the hurrah is going to be AMAZING this year!

Anyway, there will be more dibs to come later.  Happy early Father’s Day to all the dads!!!!  Have a great weekend!!!  

Love you all,  




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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