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Hi Everyone!

Hope you all have had a amazing week. It’s been a great week.  The weekend was very exciting!  Fabulous actually! Hehe.  Anyway, read on to find out what transpired into my life!

Monday comes aknocking and it was my first day back to work after been off for a week, and worked until 5:30. Had a bit of catching up to do.  Same story for Tuesday. That night, I did more VS shopping online.  I ordered two new tops and the estimated arrival date is June 26!  So i’m looking forward to sporting those. No more shopping for a while now though… VISA needs to go down… so i’m gonna stop until at least August.    

Wednesday sweeps in.  Normal day at work. Visit with ‘rents and Alex after work until 10 PM—real nice visit…. Catching up with everyone, hottubbing, dinner, and some Wii time before we left.  Isaiah and I talked to ‘rents about our upcoming move downstairs… Dylan’s moving out with Sarah July 1st. We are actually having painting done, so I’m excited about that. Mom said that apartment needs to be repainted anyways so it’s like a win-win situation. I won’t get to have my wild bold colours, but she said I can have colours that match our current furniture and such so it’s going to be interesting. I’ll go next week to get some colour fans and start deciding. It’ll be a great summer, and it’s a bit bigger than our current place. Of course, we won’t have the three bedroom addition, just two but it’ll be bigger size wise so it’ll still be nice!  So i’m psyched and so is Isaiah.  A minor change in our lives for now. I’m wanting to get a house real bad though. So here’s to hoping by the end of the year!  There’s nothing new to report for Thursday though.  Just nothing too exciting to want to share for that day.

Friday was so totally opposite from Thursday. Fun night! Went to Barney’s to party the night out with the birthday woman, Michelle and her crew. So obliviously, I got to see Michelle, her bf Dane, Micaela, Carol, and I met a few more people.  I ran into one of the St. Laurent twins while at Barney’s too.  I had total blast.  Even after Carol left, I stayed until 1:00 and just had a ball of time.  I had a few drinks, and just a little buzz. No hangover though!  I looked sexy in my new VS halter top. He he.  Hotness!

Saturday was a real GO train day!  I went to Emily’s bridal shower at Lisa’s house.  I’ve never been to Lisa’s but I had no troubles finding the house but I was early of course, so I got to spend time with her new baby, Noah. He’s the cutest baby ever and of course well-behaved.  I’ve seen a lot of babies lately acting like that and that’s amazing.  I also helped with last minute prep for the shower.  I was so excited for Emily.  At the shower, there was Lisa, Amy, me, Emily, Diane, Athena, Georgina, Beth, and this new girl that I never met before but she was nice and of course Emily’s mom. The shower was a success though.   Emily got some hot gifts! Heheh.   I’ve never seen penis suckers… that were interesting. Ha-ha. I’m hoping to see some of those girls for my birthday later this month so we shall have to see.  If not, I’ll see all of them at Emily’s wedding two weeks later and I’m so psyched for that…. I already have a new dress to wear for thatJ. Just need new shoes… I’m working on that! Anyway, it was nice to catch up with those girls.   Then I came home just for a few hours to rest and change… and then I was on the go again. I was having my night out with Tanya.  We had pre-drinking here for a while, and then we went to Thorny’s. It was a sexy night! I met more of Tanya’s friends. We danced with two hot chicks of hers, Kendra and Sarah for a while. He he. I left just before 2:00 and Tanya ran into more of her friends so she stayed and chilled with them.  My feet were killing me and I was about to drop dead so that’s why I had to bail but it was still an amazing night. Thanks for coming out with me, Tanya!!!  *hugs*

So that’s all the June juices for now.  More to transpire soon.  Enjoy the rest of the evening and wishing everyone a sweet week!

Much Love,




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