The Butterflies of June Is Here!!!

Hey Everyone!
Another week has flew by… i’m such the social butterfly lately.  My week off work was enjoyable, restful and busy all at the same time!  We’ve been enjoying our new car, and driving a lot!  Want to know what really went on during my vacation?
Okay…. Monday, i updated my health card & drivers license.   Also got the insurance on our new car done. Later, Isaiah and I had dinner date with Kathy and George at Kathy’s house.  IT was a lot of fun and dinner was fabulous!  I sitll have to get pics from George! LOL.  Tuesday,  I saw Joker at the Maitland house, then  Carol and I went to visit Mic and Michelle at Michelle’s house for a couple hours. It was awesome to see those girls.  I see them again this Friday for Michelle’s birthday!  Should be fun. Anyway, after the girls visit, Carol and I went shopping at Masonville.  Fun times!  Tuesday wasn’t the only day I did shopping, I did a little bit throughout the week so hehe.  Yeah, so what? I’ve declared myself a shopaholic a long time ago! Hahaha!  After shopping, I made a short visit at mom’s.  I had lunch with my mom Wednesday.. we went to Kelsey’s.  Dad finally saw my car then. He was impressed with it so that’s good. Made me happy.  Thursday,  I don’t think I did much but went tanning.  But I did have my dentist appt along with Alex and mom and also did grocery shopping with Isaiah afterwards. Went okay. I hate going to the dentist, but ah well. Whatever!  Friday, Carol and I
went to Chapters and saw a movie, 28 weeks Later.  It was okay. not the best, but hey, we got to spend itme together.  Saturday,  Isaiah and I sold our XBOX 360 and gamecube so that we could purchase the Wii.  We’ve been having so much fun with it since we got it, and I really like it, seriously. We still have the original XBOX though but we mainly use that for to watch movies.  Later, we went to Alan’s apt to have more Wii fun, and to watch the Game 3 Stanley Cup game (hockey) with a few other people.  Sunday, didn’t do much, but we had dinner with Violet and Scott…. and played cards–Texas Hold ’em.. so somewhat of a poker game too.  Alright… i’m seriously not big on poker at all.  and we showed the ‘rents our new Wii and they had a little bit of fun too! LOL.  Anyway, that’s the dibs of what it is.. .I’ll give an update this weekend, no matter what 🙂
June’s finally here, and i love it…. it’s favorite month… sultry weather, celebrations, and i become more and more of being a social butterfly. I love showing less skin and just having a good time LOL.  What can you say, I am true summer babe.  i can’t wait for my birthday in three weeks!!!! Excited to have the time of my life with my hubby and friends. It’ll be celebrated earlier with family as it has always been!
Have a great night, Everyone!
Lotta Love,

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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