Peachy Smiles!!!

Hi Everyone!
More than a week has gone by… so busy! LOL.  Great week.  Busy at the office last week. I got to see my hyper chick, Carol twice on Tues and Wednedsday. That was awesome!!! I love spending with her…she’s the best!  Not much else happened that was exciting until the weekend. 
Our anniversary finally arrived this past weekend. Amazing. I can’t believe still, our one year being married has come and gone! Now entering year two!  LOL. We celebrated our six years of being in love along with being married for one with the spending the night at the Hilton hotel. We loved our room…king bed, baby! Hehe. (Our bed at home is a queen…we want to have a king one once we have our house!).  We were on the business class private access… and we had snacks and drinks at the lounge on that floor. I finally found out where Isaiah had made reservations for our special dinner. It turned out to be at Black Trumpet.  Great resturant and loved our server/waitress, Emma. She was just wonderful. We had cesar salad and roasted chicken supreme. Our dessert was the most amazing food we had all night, cinnamon ice cream (i have fallen in love with it ) and it also had strawberries and blueberries on top of the icecream.  So freaking amazing!  We had a nice romantic stroll through Victoria Park heading back to the hotel.  Spent the rest of the time in our room and watched a movie on the hotel’s tv…. Number 23.  Good movie. 
Next morning, we had breakfast in the lonungue and spent more time in our room before we checked out.  Oh I also wanted to mention that we ran into Lisa and Amy at the Galleria before we checked in at the Hilton.  So nice to see them. Haha, we had a little catch up and I can’t wait to see them again for Emily’s shower on the 9th!! Anyway, continuin with the anniversary celebrations. we checked out and went home to find that my parents had already delivered the wedding cake top that they had kept for us in their freezer ever since we got married a year ago (tradition) so that was great. Cake still tastes amazing! and we’re still not done eating it LOL. 
We also got our new car Sunday from Isaiah’s Uncle Shawn.  He had been looking one for us since the accident back in March and he had located one just recently and told us over the long weekend (May 2-4) but we weren’t to expect it until next weekend (June 2/3)… well turns out no problems with the mechanic during checkup and all that jazz so we were able to get it early and got the insurance on it Monday.  Baby blue, 1994 Crystlar, four door and automatic. Of course, still not my dream car (the silver Audi A4) but it’s a better than no car at all.  Eventually, i’ll get my audi! Carol knows it that i miss it so much!  I did have that car when I had my g2 but not for long. Dad had it on lease so not enough time… but i love that car to pieces.  Praying that Isaiah gets into Toyota and just maye I’ll get that car within a year or so.  We’ll see!  Anyway… back to Sunday, saw Isaiah’s parents for a bit and went out a bit with the lexus.  Had another dinner out.. Kelsey’s this time… and time at home, finally. LOL.
I have news from Monday and today but i’m gonna save it for the next blog… I’m enjoying my week off LOL.  It’s nice so far… i’ve gotten some things that I wanted to get done so far, and still adding more fun things to do. Isaiah still working but he did have Monday off with me so that was nice.  Anyway.. more dibs on this week later.  Enjoy your week, everybody!!!!  The countdown is now on for my birthday… June 30!!!
Love ya all,

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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