Sunny Victoria Day Monday News!

Hi people!  

Hope everybody had a good week and enjoying the May 2-4 weekend so far. Mine’s been good, not the best, but I have many more exciting events to attend to in the coming weeks so I’m all peachy for all of that! I finally received my new VS order on Thursday—navy blue bikini, coronation pink terry halter and Caribbean blue halter-top.  I’ve been eying more things since I got my new order, so I’ll probably shop online again soon. LOL. There’s this dress that I am thinking about to wear for my birthday and a couple other tops. I’m a VS shopaholic!  Heehee.

Isaiah and I were up just after 4 AM on Saturday morning to spend the day and most of the evening outside of London. We left shortly after 5 AM with Violet to head to Dashwood. I caught a beautiful 6 AM sunrise as just before we arrived.  It’s been a long time that I’ve actually been awake to see a sunrise. The last time was probably a year ago when we were coming back to London from Toronto when we had just finished a weeklong honeymoon in the Dominican. Anyway, we were in Dashwood to see family on Isaiah’s side (more specifically Violet’s family). Aunt Mary and Violet usually do a yard sale every year on the long weekend. So that was going on. Around 7 A.M. or so, I saw Shannon and Conner. I was thrilled. I haven’t seen the two since Christmas! Conner has definitely grown and has some teeth.  I spent a lot of hours with Conner and he’s so well behaved. I love him. I later see Sharmane and Evan. Evan turned one last month, and her oldest son, Ryan just turned 8 on Friday.  Ryan and his sister Britannia were at their dad’s though.  We were in Dashwood for pretty much the morning. We finally got to go to Grand Bend for about 3 hours in the afternoon. Shannon had dropped us off and Cousin Shane and his GF, Ashley picked us up later. I bought a baby blue GB hoodie sweatshirt, just checked out some shops along the strip and spent a good hour at the beach. We did get some sun on us.  We were back in Dashwood for the remainder of the day/evening. More Conner time LOL. I finally eventually meet Shannon’s new BF, Matt and his daughter.  I’m excited for Shannon, she moves in with Matt in mid June that is here in London too! After dinner, some family members, Isaiah and I sung some karaoke.   I sung Hopelessly Devoted To You and I got like a 95!  I later sung another song of Summer Nights with Shannon. It was fun! LOL. We arrived back in London at 10 PM!  We were very tired considering that we had been up since  4 in the morning , but we were happy with the outcome of the day. We were able to do a few things in one day!

Not so much excitement yesterday. Just did some food shopping, and just being home relaxing and doing some housework.

Today, not doing much either. I’m off but Isaiah’s at work. BOO! LOL. I am although seeing my family and, of course Joker tonight for an BBQ.  So that should be interesting.

I have been having problems again with my device for the past week or so and it has gotten worse this weekend. I’ve tried everything to troubleshoot on my own, and one thing worked for a few hours.  So I’m trying to see Kim either tomorrow or Wednesday to have her professionally troubleshoot. Hopefully, the problem is fixed soon. We have our anniversary this coming weekend, and I want to be problem-free this summer hearing-wise too!  I have my week off next week, so I’m looking forward to that and I may be dying my hair to get more blonde then too. We’ll see.

I have so many things happening for June, and I’m so STOKED! Em’s bridal shower, the BIALKOWSKI COUSIN SUMMER REUNION IN THE BEND, trio Sworik birthdays (Dee, my mom and mine!), father’s day, and what not. LOL. Oh yeah, seeing Marky June 2nd!!! Can’t wait!  Each weekend’s booked for June! J  Anyway, that’s all that’s crazy at the moment. There will be more to come soon.  Have a great Victoria Monday!

Love you all,



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