Weekend Smiles Mean More Than Roses!

He-haw! Hope everyone had an great weekend.  Hope all the mothers enjoyed themselves! I’m not a mommy yet, but I will be eventually! Hehe.  You want the dibs, you got the wish!  Here we go!

Friday had me out Out with Tanya v at thorny devils late in the night, from like 11:30 pm until 2 AM.  Fun times were had though between Tanya & I! We got our picture taken from one of the photographers that do 2night.com.  Heehee.

Saturday was very busy! I did some Tanning at the gym. LOL. I’m getting more tanned as I keep doing it! Afterwards, I was Shopping at masonville—got mother’s day gift and a couple things for myself. a few hours later, I was Partying’ with Carol and the gang for vivi’s birthday. IT all started with a bbq thing at the sisters house and then off to tap house to continue the birthday celebration! What an awesome night!  We never planned it but carol and I ended up wearing red and we noticed that our friend Michelle who met up with us later was sporting red too. LOL. Same cravings I guess! It was funny! I left sometime after 1:30.

Sunday was offically Mother’s day 2007! Hope all the mother’s enjoyed the special day! The celebration beings at the Maitland house with all us three kids giving mom gifts and just spending time. We continued the celebration in Rockwood with mom’s side of the family (Bialkowski). It was great! I got to meet m & r’s new puppy. It was very entertaining with all the dogs…Elvis, Joker, Lucas, and I forget what the other dog’s name was.  I was very happy to see Michelle and Jill.  The entire family went through grandma’s stuff and picked what we wanted to take in memory of her. Later, we went to dinner at angel’s diner. It was all right but it was sweet to be with the whole family though! 

Monday was a tiring day. Not enough sleep was accomplished over the weekend. Of  course, I still went to work all day, but i had my nap afterwards, and later went to bed earlier than  usual.  Also, I received an Email confirmation that my new vs order has been shipped!!!! So it should be here within a week from now!!! Awesomeness 😉 I’m excited to get my new purchases!

Anyway, that’s all that’s new for now! More exciting things to reveal in my life soon! Enjoy the week as it comes!

Hugs to all,



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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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