A Life Umbrella!

Hi People!  

Hope everyone’s been having a good week.  I have some updates to share so read on!

Monday shines in.  After work, I got my nails prettified again, my eyebrows waxed (gosh, it hadn’t happened for a while, and they look tons better now!), and I ended up making a spontaneous decision to visit my mother for an hour. It was nice.  She told me that Isaiah and myself would be spending a night at the Hilton for our anniversary (Sat May 26) so that’s pretty sweet. Thank you mother for arranging this. They received this prize of a complimentary night from the Christmas party last year, but they aren’t going to use it at all so they decided to give it to us. Awesome eh?  I see this cute little fight between Joker and Shadow (the kitty) while I was at the house. It’s just so funny. It’s not even like attack really, just paw smacks and that’s about it. These two respect each other (and I think they do like each other to a point too). It’s just only Mitts and Joker that drives my mom crazy because Joker does want to be a friend to Mitts but she doesn’t want to. She hisses at Joker, and makes Joker race after her like some total insanity.  

Tuesday had me doing Joker duty for an hour during my workday.  Joker continues to grow, and he was a happy puppy that day. We spent most of the time that I had with him outside in the backyard at the Maitland house.  Just playing with his toys, and hanging out in the shade. Joker was such a good boy, that he got a couple extra treats.  My mom was very happy to know that he was in such a good mood later when she arrived home from her teaching day at St. Mary’s.

Wednesday breezes in and Mom comes in the office for a short bit and finally brings Joker to the office. The girls got to meet him for the first time, and of course, the pup was very happy to see me too.  I think the spirit of Niko is in Joker because the more I see him, the more traits in him that Niko once had.  Later, I went tanning after work. Heehee. I continue to go darker, and I’m going again on Saturday before I have my fun night with the girls! Oh yeah, I did some VS shopping online (I know… got to stop at least until July). I bought this new contrast halter-top in Caribbean blue, terry halter in pink carination and new halter bikini (similar to the red I purchased back in the fall) in navy blue. Heehee. I know big purchase altogether, but I’m loving it. I can’t wait to sport the new stuff! Summer’s almost here anyways!

Thursday appears okay.  I had Joker duty once again. Not a very happy puppy though.  He was in his crate all night Wed and most of Thurs. Poor dog! He wouldn’t cooperate much. So I wasn’t too pleased with him.  I received a wedding invite in the mail for Emily and Graham’s wedding which is July 14 (i’ve known all along though LOL)! We were already planning on going anyways 🙂 I’m excited though!!! 2nd wedding we’ve attended together as a married couple. The first one was Michelle and Ryan’s last July.   Nothing special happened later on last night. Just watched CSI… the finale being next week! Crazyness!  

 So that’s all the news. However, I have some random thinkings! I’m still crazy over heels for Jessica Simpson. She’s just awesome overall physically, and professionally.  I love whom she is and how she continues to evolve as a person. Jess continues to top my list of celebs to meet over my lifetime. It’s dream that I hope that would become reality soon. California (specifically LA/Beverly Hills) is most likely going to be our next trip destination, which I believe, will take place next year, sometime regardless of pregnancy/TTC status. Jess has been confirmed of being in actress in three upcoming movies. Blonde Ambition, which is due out soon—this fall I think (already finished production), The Witness (which is still TBA of release and production) and recently, she reveled that she is going to be a marine in the Major Marine Movie (also still TBA overall). While I love her exploring her acting life, I still think she should continue with her singer roots. I’ve yet to see her in a concert, and her current CD, Public Affair hasn’t been on tour yet. Anyway, I want to meet Jess and if any of you can make that come true for me, I’d love you forever!

Anyways, that’s all you get for now.  More to come after the weekend probably!  So enjoy yourself and the life you lead!

Love you all,




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