Moonlight Excitements :)

Hi Peeps!

Hope you all are having a good weekend!!! I’m guessing you guys are dyin’ to know how things have been hoppin’ for me. So ready, set and go! LOL…thinkin’ of racing! Gosh, I grew up going to those delaware races with my dad. I love the speed. No wonder i love highway driving when I can get to it! Speaking of driving, all the best of luck goes to my best friend, Carol who’s getting her G this week.  You can do it, Miss Hyper Chick! Just don’t pull your crazy driving ideas, and you’ll be fine!

Thursday had nothing really going on! I missed my show though, cuz Isaiah said it was on at 9 but it was on at 8 because Greys had a two hour show (i’m guessing season finale) at 9 so grr…but i know CSI is definitely on at 9 this coming thursday! So, I won’t miss this one for sure! LOL.  

Friday’s wave comes crashing in and thinkin’ I’m a surfer… hehe, thinking of you, Micaela!!!! Hey, you should try to do some surfin’ while your still in BC… just do your homework to as where the hotspots are!!!  Anyway, I picked up the Lexus from the dealership with Mom first thing in the morning, and ended up being late for work, but that’s okay.  Saw Joker for a bit too J After work, went grocery shopping with Isaiah and stopped by the gym to have our tanning time too. As for the rest of the night, just a low-key time at home.

Saturday was such a beautiful day, and actually, it’s been gorgeous with sunshine all week which I’ve been so totally lovin’ it and hope it continues for this coming week!!!! Keep fingers crossed!
Some housecleaning accomplished. I also went for a walk in the afternoon for banking/shoppers stuff with Isaiah and then he continued on to his work. Damn Saturday afternoon/evening shifts!  Later in the the night, I attended a party at Diane’s—military theme in honor of Paul and Erica’s birthday. There were good times held! I enjoyed myself being around Diane, Jon, and Crystal. I loved my hair that night, so freaking sexy with waves!  I was definitely feeling like a hot woman all night! Meow! Of course, there were more people at the party, but everybody had their own crowds and what not. The majority of them went to Salt Lounge later on into the night, but our little crew of foursome just stayed put. The three of them walked me home afterwards and brought one of the kitties that like to go for a walk, Nigel (but I guess he wasn’t really in the mood to do that last night!). I was home at 1:00 as I checked the time as I walked in. Crystal finally met my little furry animals! I took pics as per usual. Isaiah says I love bringing my camera everywhere, but not everywhere, just when I go out at night or if we are outside of London visiting people or doing a day trip somewhere.   

Sunday is today.   More housecleaning has been accomplished and went tanning in the afternoon, and napped late this afternoon. Low-key for the rest of the night.  Little tired, may crash to bed earlier than usual. We’ll see.  So, that’s the update as of now.More to come as time trickles by.  Leave comments please, if you are reading this, thanks a million! Have a wonderful night, everyone!

Love ya all,




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One Response to Moonlight Excitements :)

  1. Micaela says:

    There is some great surfing on Vancouver Island and hopefully I can make it out there at some point!!

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