A Warm Welcome to May 2007!!!


I’ve landed on this universe. Thinking I am a NASA astronant! LOL.  On the moon and putting on our Canadian flag! Anyway…. I have some space news! Here we go!

Saturday night arrived and the highlight was that I went out with Carol and the gang for a night out of fun and to celebrate a certain person’s birthday as well. It was an amazing night. I had a wonderful time. We were at 29 Park.  I took pics too. I was a hottie! I wore that keyhole top from VS that I had gotten not too long ago in the mail.  I will upload the pics in the spring album soon. I’ll be seeing the gang again in a couple weeks. I can’t wait to party again with them!

Sunday hopped into our lives. As fate had it, Isaiah and I had the car and ended up going for a drive to White Oaks Mall. I just got some darker beige ¾ pants and some tops. I’m attending a party on Saturday at Di’s apartment for her roommate and also one of her sister’s birthdays.  Crystal will be my date since the hubby has to work that night. Ah well. Good times should be held regardless!

Monday wiggled in its way in and I was a happy business babe. I still obtained the car for work, and what not. Nice to be driving to work.  This day also marked our two years anniversary of living together!!! Wow, time freaking flies. We’ve done so well, and I’m so glad that we spent the first year doing that before we got married, and it’s definitely made the transition of the first year married easier. We have so much to celebrate soon! I’m very thrilled and even more in love than ever!

Tuesday peeked in.I saw Joker for an hour during my day at work. I went to the house since Mom was teaching at the school. It was nice to spend time with him, but he still drives me crazy. Joker has tamed down a little bit since Easter, still more training needed though! He kept picking up this mouse in the backyard (I’m assuming Shadow caught and killed this one hours before) and he would not listen to me to do his business. Finally, I get that way from him, and boy he was not happy. He grabbed at the towel while I was trying to clean his paws!  I know he’ll be a better dog come summertime! I want him to be so good now, but I have to have patience. We’ve only had the dog for almost a month now.  Niko was well trained by the three months time because then, he had grown to adult size body and therefore had more of a mature brain. Same system as us (despite that we all take longer to mature!). Don’t forget, pets get 7 years of life within one year!

Wednesday is today.   I took the Lexus into the dealership this morning before work. The car has been having problems for the past week or so. Brake issues and the engine light kept coming on.  I find out later the car has pretty much worn out the rubbers of the brakes (so it was just about gone) and that the engine light came on because of this theory of low-grade fuel (that’s their assumption) so we have to put in more superior gas (which is more expensive) but I’d rather do that and not risk the engine light come on again. I make the decision to go tanning after work at the gym. Isaiah purchased a special deal on tanning minutes. 500 minutes for $115 (something like that) and he is able to share minutes with me. Sort of an early anniversary gift for each other but we are also getting each other something small. Dinner is still on the agenda for the anniversary weekend. Not sure what else is planned.  I got some colour while I tanned. I was in the stand up for 10 minutes. I love it. I want to go again on the weekend. J  I’ll keep u all update on my tanning process. We just want to have some colour for the summer. Imagine June 30 comes and I’m a very tanned birthday woman!!!! I would love that! I want to have the tan that I got when I was in the dominican and a bit more darker 🙂

Anyway, that’s all that’s rappin’ in my life.  So much more excitememnt… and May is here… and the countdown is on for our anniversary and (then after that, my 24th birthday for June!).  Check back in a fe days for more "time of my life" news!

Love you all,




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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