Reaching The Skies Of Life!!!!!

Hi People!  Here I am, back on the face of my universe! Hope you all have been having a good week. I have been.  I’m here to bring you up to speed of my life!

On Sunday, we went to white Oaks mall for a bit with Isaiah and Alan. Bought a new sexy top for nights out and a new coat. Love it.  We returned the car to my parents shortly after, and we ended up doing just more than visiting, we painted this wooded side fence for my mom that turned out to be the colour of a tree oak and we ended up having dinner with the family. It was good though.  Joker’s gotten bigger but still needs more training to be such a good and very smart dog just like our most loved deceased dog, Niko. We see some traits of Niko in Joker, and the other traits of just being a golden retriever.  Joker loves to grab things, loves the water (which is good because then he’ll be really fun to play with in the pool come summertime!). The traits that we see of Niko in Joker are his happy face, the need to be around family, loving car rides and things like that. Of course, we as a family have only had Joker since Easter so we’ll see more personality out of him as time goes on.  By the way, the pool was officially open for 2007 season on Friday April 13th. My dad asks who will be the first to take a dip?? Who knows!

Not so much happened on Monday and Tuesday. However Monday started what is “Adminstrative Professionals Week”. A week that people appreciate the staff for all their hard work! We’ve been getting a lot of thanks at Sutton, and we’ve had treats on lunch by 3 agents, tim horton’s certificate, flowers and things like that (it’s almost as exciting as Christmas!)  

Wednesday night, I attended another family dinner at my parent’s house. The reason why it occurred is because my dad is going away to Mexico on his motorcycle with a few friends and he’s gone for two weeks, I think. So he wanted to be around everybody one last time before he goes. Dylan and I don’t live at home, and haven’t for a long time and Alex’s the only one left living with my ‘rents but it’ll only be for a few more years. Alex graduates CCH in 2010 and who knows, I’m sure he’ll be the only one out of us three kids to go away to university outside of London. (Dylan and I only went to Western). I also made the decision that day not to finish my university studies. I’ve decided to continue with my full-time commitment as an administrative assistant at Sutton, and I may still do online studies through a different school community but for Animal Studies. I love animals and I know I would be excellent working with animals, and I would enjoy the lifetime commitment.  It may be a good idea to go through with it, and get the certificate so that when I am ready for a career change (which will probably happen once I have kids).  Anyway, back to the family dinner. IT was good. Had BBQ hamburgers and just had a good time being together a family.  Upon my return home, Carol unexpectedly made a surprise visit not long after. I totally loved it, and enjoyed my time with her.  We have plans to be together again on Saturday night, and I can’t wait to party with my sexy hyper chick!! I love you, Carol!

Anyway, not much else happened on Thursday, which was yesterday, and not so much today.  Again, we’ve been getting thank you gifts from the agents throughout the week, and I brought home most of it today.  Not much happening tonight, just a low-key night here at home, hanging out with my husband and our kittens! By the way, today marks 11 months married for us!!!! One more month to go until we celebrate our ONE YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!!!! We have reached the skies of love for a long time….because not only, we’ve been married for a year, but also been very in love for SIX AMAZING YEARS…. Such an incredible accomplishment!!!!! From falling truly in love at 17 to being happily married at 23 (almost 24!).  A wow factor eh!

You’ll have to get more dibs from the weekend a few days later. Got to have some suspense! LOL.  Enjoy your weekend and live it up to the fullest as always. Life is too short, have to party as if there is no tomorrow!   

With Lots of Love,




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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