Awesome Spring Weather!!!! :D

Hi My Loved Ones!

Here’s the crazy and beautiful Jules here!  I’m bringing on a new update.  It’s been a pretty good week and beautiful weather to end the week too which rocks!

On Monday, I o fficially confirmed my new hours at the office. Still full time of course! Just I officially added an extra ½ hour to my regular schedule. So now I’m in the office from 8:30 to 5:00. I will probably be stuck longer in the office once in a blue moon should things get too overboard busy! It’s just better that I get paid for full 8 hours instead of the 7.5 (because of ½ hour lunch use). Oh yeah,  Guess what?? New flat-screen monitors for Isaiah and I! We got it for cheap though from somewhere else locally rather than the popular Future Shop or Best Buy. We plan on getting a better quality later but the ones we have will do for the time being and we are okay with that.  It’s just a lot better than our old desktop ones. Way too huge!

Tuesday night rolls around and I attended the school play of "King and I"  with my mother. The production is done from the school that my mom teaches part time.  St. Mary’s. Anyway, the play was fantastic! Loved it and I liked how I got to spend some time with my mom. We never get mother/daughter time much. My mom has a busy life just like I do. We’ll probably spend more time together this summer though as she won’t be teaching during that time.

Wednesday had pretty much nada happening.  However, I received a new DVD from Isaiah as a just because surprise, which ended up being “Smoking Aces”. I’ve wanted to see that for a while. We haven’t seen it yet.

Thursday once again had nana.  But Friday brought on awesome excitement. The sky decided to bring about such a beautiful weather… 20 degrees! Too bad, I worked all day to even really enjoy it but ah well.  I obtained car around 7pm. Drove to the mall, but didn’t buy anything. Nothing really appealed to me.  Afterwards, I picked up Isaiah and we decided at the last minute to go grocery shopping (it was due to happen this weekend anyway). So we got home just after 10 and came home and relaxed for the rest of the night.

Saturday is today. Guess what?  Even warmer weather today. Totally loving it.  Got my nails done but the place was far too busy to even request for brow waxing so another time for that though! I do want to get those waxed soon though! Then got Isaiah and picked up his taxes and other stuff and then we decided to make the drive to Grand Bend since the weather is too far gorgeous to resist and we had the car still so we were there for a good hour (could have stayed longer, but not too much is open yet). We did get some pictures taken so that’s great.  There’s one picture of us together that we really love and it was taken on the pier. We hope to get more beach pictures this summer so we shall see!  It was great being there and taking the drive out of London. I really enjoyed that and really cherishing our time together. We have to do that more often which is doing spontaneous drives! Home for the rest of the night as it seems, but we’ve had just an amazing day. I’m a happy lady because we got to be out of London for a little while and had pics taken. I really want to go back there a few times this summer and have a weekend in Toronto and a separate weekend in Niagara. I really want us to go on the Mist! Heehee.  Anyway, the pics from today are up in the album. Enjoy!  Live up the rest of the weekend and the coming week to the fullest! More dibs to come soon!

Hugs & Kisses,



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