Jules’ Heart Shine :)

Hi Everyone!

Sorry for the delay but no matter now.  I’m back and updating! So here we go! Monday through Thursday had nothing really too exciting happening. Just busy with work, and doing housework in the evening.

Friday did bring some excitement. I walked to Isaiah’s work, and met up with him, Pat and Matt. Originally the plans were to go to Brass Door and then to solids. But it got sidetracked a bit.  We had a few stops. We went to Martini Bar… had SoHo! Then, we went to taps, and then Brass door, and then the final stop was Tap house.  Solids never happened.  I was a little pissed though because none of the guys wanted to dance with me at Tap house, but ah well.  At least I got to go out, so that’s all it matters.

I chilled for most of Saturday at home with relaxing and napping.  Later that night, Isaiah, Pat and myself went to Wellington 8 to see Grind house (two movies in one showing). It wasn’t too bad.  I wouldn’t get it on DVD though.  I noticed though there are a lot of good movies coming out for the summer blockbuster period so I’m excited. I’ve always liked the Die Hard movies (I’m a big fan of Bruce Willis) and the fourth one is due out the night before my birthday!

Sunday relaxed and chilled around the house once again. We had dinner with Isaiah’s parents in the evening.  Met their second new dog. I forget the name, but it’s a girl. Wilson and the new girl aren’t either fixed and his parents want puppies but they are going to wait until the girl puppy is a little bit older.  I even mentioned that we’d take one if it happens.  Isaiah’s like oh yeah, probably a Christmas present LOL! Anyway, after dinner, we all watched 300. It’s similar to Gladiator.  Not too bad of a movie!

Anyway, that’s the latest news from my wonderful life! Enjoy the rest of the week!  Keep reachin’ for the stars and all the best of luck to those who are currently writing exams!!!!

Love ya all,



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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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