Egg-cited Easter News :)

Hi Precious Ones!  

I’m back on this universe once again.  Did space come-a calling? Haha. Look up the stars, and you’ll see the days of the past few days. Bright and shining! Haha.  Here we go!  

Wednesday was a busy and stressful day at work, plus I was having a headache, and it doesn’t help that I’m on my time of the month which I’ve been on since Sunday: P However, one of the agents from work brought in his new dog which was a Goldenzoole. It’s a mix of a golden lab and a poodle. Very cute!  Later in the evening, I paid some bills online. The wonders of online banking!

Thursday’s plans were all screwed up after work.  I cancelled my get together with Diane at her apartment because Isaiah’s schedule changed and we thought we could go grocery shopping but no, that didn’t happen. Violet said that we couldn’t have the car, which sucks. So, I’m just at home hanging out with Isaiah. We watched our show of CSI though. Really good episode.  Next week’s show is supposed to be as good too!

Friday was known as GOOD FRIDAY! Isaiah and I both had the day off from work!!! I had my Sleep in and hang out with the husband all day and all night. Great day! Yeah. We don’t usually get much statutory holidays together so this was nice to be together for a change.  

Saturday morning arrives and we went to mom to obtain the Lexus. Found out there was a little Easter surprise for the entire family (well this part was sent by email prior to our arrival at the Maitland house).  We now have a new addition to our family, a golden doodle (mix of golden retriever and a poodle). So adorable. Very much like Niko’s personality except that the new dog’s not black. I love him. The dog is still unnamed but it’ll be soon.  Anyway, we got some groceries (two weeks worth this time). After that we were planning on going to Dashwood (Sharmane’s house) for little Evan’s one year old birthday but the weather kept playing tricks on us (snowing and sunshine back and forth), and we’re like, we’re not risking driving out of London if it keeps doing this. So we just went to the mall, and looked around what not. We have a new DVD case that holds 1000 DVDs (current count is 700ish).  Then we eventually came home and this was at 4:00. We’ve been gone since 10:30 AM.  Later, I made last minute plans to hang out at Diane’s apartment for a couple hours or so. Hang out, drink wine, and watch some movies. This made up for the cancelled plans that were supposed to happen on Thursday night. We had fun. We’ll have longer time together next time for sure!  

Sunday becomes Easter Sunday! We have our bunny rabbit time in the morning. Haha. Sneaky!  We hung out at Violet & Scott’s for a couple hours in the afternoon. Just talked and all that. Isaiah got a new rice cooker. So that was nice.  Afterwards, we went to my parent’s house.  I was spending lots of time with the new puppy. LOL. I’m so hooked on him like IN LOVE with the dog! Taking pictures too which are now up the album. It looks like the puppy will be named Joker but I personally think that it doesn’t fit with the dog but ah well.  My suggestions were shot down so we’re even.  Isaiah likes my dog names though (Aces and Leo) so he said we could use those names in the future when we can get a dog or two. I have my kind and he has his kind just like the same scenario with our kittens! We could get one now if we wanted to, but we both rather prefer it happens after we have gotten our first house since we need to have a backyard so that they can have freedom to play around and do their business outside and that we need to make sure that we can make time to care for them because dogs aren’t as independent as cats are. Anyway, the Easter dinner was great, and we each got Easter basket full of stuff (not just candy, but practical things too). Thanks mom & Dad.  Dylan and Sarah didn’t join us this time, but we had my aunt Judy and her partner, Gerry. She got us this real nice white artificial flower with a pot that is a décor for our place. It’s set on top of our TV stand in the living room. We all watched this movie, Half Nelson that was okay. I had the puppy with me the majority of the movie and that was sweet. The puppy is so friendly, cuddly, and just sweet. I want to get one just like that. Aunt Judy said that Dad should get us one! Maybe for a house-warming gift for when we move into our own first house??? Hint, hint! LOL.

So that’s my Easter news! Hope everyone had an enjoyable bunny time with friends, family and lovers.  More news to come as time goes by! Enjoy the coming week!





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